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Author Topic: Knee is "catching" during flexion  (Read 16525 times)

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Re: Knee is "catching" during flexion
« Reply #15 on: March 17, 2021, 01:22:07 AM »
Hi all -

This post is many years old, but if anyone is still reading it I would love to know their outcome. I知 4.5mths post ACL repair and lateral meniscus repair and I知 experiencing the same issue since about 1 month out - visually see and feel a pressure release in lateral area around the entry area of surgery. My walk has become a little bit better but I知 concerned it is only bc I知 not fully extending my leg, which is resulting in a limp. If I lay on my back and fully extend my leg in the air, it will catch when I let my leg drop down to 90 degrees half of the time. Same thing when do a squat. I have been working my tail off 2 times a weeks at PT strengthening up, however it is incredibly frustrating bc I知 not getting better. I originally was thinking it was due to a weak quad, but now I知 leaning towards some sort of impingement or scar tissue in the fat pad or patella tendon. Fingers crossed someone from
Prior post reads this and can chime in on whether they needed to get another surgery or not. Thanks for reading.