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Author Topic: Need hope - 7th operation  (Read 865 times)

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Need hope - 7th operation
« on: August 04, 2006, 08:46:38 PM »

Am new (posed this on two boards cos was unsure where it should be)... ???
Here's my history. Hoping others can give advice, share similar stories & give me hope.

I have hyper mobile joints. Right knee patella subluxation first time age 12. 14 Subsequent subluxations until I had a TTT (distal realignment: Elmslie-Trillat) aged 21 (1st op).
Screw removed as it was causing pain (2nd op)
Knee stable but over the years the patella started bayonetting (jumping) on bending & extending my knee & knee grinding
Arthroscopy & debridement age 27 (3rd op)
Age 28 - my golden retriever ran into me at the park. Violent dislocation resulted in the tip of the femoral condyle being sheared off and damaged ligaments
Operation to fix femoral condyle with screw (4th op). 6 weeks in locked brace.
Brace came off only to find I could bend my knee to 20 degrees and no further. Severe scarring in joint!
Surgeon tried to do a manip under GA but scarring too severe, so had to cut it out (5th op). Said it was the worst scarring he'd seen in years.
Patella still jumping and unstable so doc did a medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction, taking autograft from right hamstring (6th op)
Operation seemed to be successful but after a few months the ligament stretched out and the patella was back to bayonetting and almost subluxing on extension.

So here we are at my 7th op, aged 31 (12 days post op). My dr who performed the first 6 ops was at a loss. He wanted me to have a "french release" - anyone had this? Its literally a release of the quad muscle from knee to hip (as performed by a French surgeon) but not well documented or info on long term success/damage!  He wanted me to travel to France from South Africa or try fly the pionering surgeon out to SA  :o  thinking this would stop the enormous lateral pull of my patella by my quads.  I sought other opinions and found a highly regarded surgeon who was convinced he could fix the problem.  He did say that I would eventually need a knee replacement but this would buy me time.

Had a tibial osteotomy and another medial patellofemoral ligament recontruction (this time autograft from my left hamstring). The surgeon is very happy with the result, so now its wait and see time. He did say there was extensive damage to the under side of the kneecap.  I'll be in brace for 6 wks till bone heals. This was definitely the most painful of all the operations and having a sore left hamsrting from the autograft doesn't make it any easier.

I would appreciate any support or success stories to keep my spirits up.

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