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Author Topic: Grade IV Knee OA bone patch  (Read 699 times)

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Grade IV Knee OA bone patch
« on: August 03, 2006, 07:48:39 PM »

Had an Arthroscope last week just saw the surgeon and he tells me he cut away some minicus (sp) and I have OA  grade IV bone patch, he told me I would need a knee replacement, in how long he couldn't say.

My symptoms since the op  are stiffness and I am still unable to fully straighten my left leg, I'm not in any pain , can walk normally , have a bit of clicking etc. I'm early 40's  so he told me I was a tad young anyway for a replacement, however I realise I'm overweight.

My question is  to anyone with similar ( and I know how long is a piece of string) how fast will my knee degenerate ? How long before I will need a knee brace/walking stick or have serious pain or could I stay the same for years ??

Is a bone patch what the name suggests a patch of exposed bone rather than the whole bone being minus cartilage? I have looked up grade IV and it is the most severe.

I have some nice pictures of the inside of my knee

Arthroscope L/K 27/07/06 Meniscus tear trimmed, diagnosed with OA Grade IV Lateral compartment and trochlea groove.