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Author Topic: Knee pain in both of them- mostly in the right one  (Read 746 times)

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Knee pain in both of them- mostly in the right one
« on: August 01, 2006, 02:29:15 AM »
I have had right knee pain for years, but only when I did squats or the treadmill on an incline.
5 weeks ago, we remodeled the house, so I was squating like crazy for days.
Now both of my knees hurt all the time.  I am limping around the house.

They are popping like crazy.  Like, after I get up from this computer after one hour of sitting, they both feel like the knee cap
is out of joint and I have to walk around the house for 3 minutes for them to pop back into place.  Then they hurt too.

My right knee even hurts in bed when I move my leg.!!
Will this go away?
They do feel better when I wrap them above and below the knee cap while I am walking.
I am taking a small dose of celebrex and it helps a little.  Plus I am icing 4 times per day,and using  my jacuzzi 2 x per day.

What else can I do to make them heal up?
Would ultra sound help?
I am 55 years old and in Ok condition, I think.  My hips and sacrum hurt sometimes, so maybe i have an imbalance in the low

Thanks, ellienor

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Re: Knee pain in both of them- mostly in the right one
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2006, 06:00:10 AM »
Hi there Ellienor...
 I am sorry to hear of your pain and troubles...From what you describe it sounds to me like you have a problem with subluxing...When you say your knee feels like it is out of joint that is called subluxing...There are a lot of things that could be causing it and I am no expert in that department so I won't even try to list any of the reasons...Unfortunately,if this is the case it will not go away on its own...My advise is to go to your GP ASAP and explain your situation and ask for a referral to see an orthopedic surgeon...Your GP should have 1 or 2 surgeons they refer their patients to...If you know anyone who has knee problems and has a surgeon that they like and you think you would like to see then get the name and ask your GP for a referral to see that certain surgeon...Some insurance providers do not even require a referral anymore so you could just call and make an appointment with one...Just call your insurance provider and see if that is the case...Either way I would get in to see one ASAP...A lot of people are thrown off by the word "surgeon"...I know I was...But just because you are seeing an orthopedic surgeon does not automatically mean you will need surgery...There may be other forms of care they can give you to help your situation...But they are experts in the knee department and can offer you a lot more options than your GP can...It is not good to let this kind of thing go on...I let mine go on for 9 years and caused a lot more damage that could have been prevented if I would have gotten the correct care sooner...What I am getting at is get in to see an orthopedic surgeon...That is crucial...There are some things you can do in the meantime to help...And it sounds like you are doing them...RICE is the best treatment for now...Rest,Ice,Compression and Elevation...You mention that you have hip pain and sacrum pain and think this may be causing the knee troubles...But I think it is opposite...Your knees play a huge role in how your body is balanced...If they are thrown off track it can throw your whole body off track and cause back,hip,ankle etc pain...A great place to post this topic is on the Patello-Femoral Joint section...There are a lot of great people there that have the same problems and can answer your questions probably with a lot more information than I can provide to you...Here is a link to get there...But in case you need to find it again just go to the main forum page and scroll down and you will see it...

I wish you the best of luck...Keep me updated...I'd love to hear about if you get into a surgeon and see what they tell you...
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