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Author Topic: Rookie on the board - PCL recon - Post Op 6 days  (Read 942 times)

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Rookie on the board - PCL recon - Post Op 6 days
« on: August 01, 2006, 01:37:22 AM »
I am Post Op 6 days - not bad but I do have a bunch of little questions. Currently hooked up to my passive motion machine
with the iceman cooling it. The post op check up was pretty good. They said the PCL recon surgery went real well, pcl was
reconstructed (Allograft). They drained my knee of fluids last thursday as they said I would probably be uncomfortable over the
weekend if we did not drain. I have been on 1 Ibuprofin and 2 codein every 6 hours. The doc said to not get behind the pain,
just take it. My OS is a pretty well known doc who does a lot of the area pro franchises and superstars so Ib went with almost blind trust that he knows what he's doing and things should work out. So far, so good. I am suppose to start rehad this week
but I have yet to contact which one I will go to. I will have another post op check up in 2 weeks.
I don't really have a lot of direction so I guess I have a bunch of small questions. I will probably end up calling the OS's office tomorrow just to get an idea. They said to start weaning of to just one crutch this week. I don't remember for how long and
when I can go with out. I have the full knee brace which I was told to wear only when I need to walk (bathroom,food etc).
Though sometimes I feel like I can go without them already but I have the fear of tearing my allograft or just doing other injury.
There's still a lot of swelling around the knee, it's still numb and warm to the touch. Of course, they shaved most of my leg so
it's starting to grow back and be a bit itchy. I just increased the passive motion to 60 today. Instructions are to hams110 as pain
dictates. It's just this question of how much is too miuch. They said it would take a lot for me to tear this allo and I dont want to
ever know how much, I am trying to be patient about moving and such. I was surprised by how quickly I am able to sort of move about. I don't really have much instruction on how much wait to put on it. I just asked during the post op visit and they
said I can put wait on it.... how much is too much. Should I try to walk normally. The only restriction on paper and what was
verbally communicated was no leg curls that would require the hamstring to get worked.
Oh well... thanks for reading.