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Author Topic: Lateral Release and Medial Reefing in about a week. Needs anesthia help please!  (Read 1067 times)

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Sorry that I don't know exactly how to spell anesthia (if it's wrong.) Anyways, I'm having a lateral release and medial reefing done next monday and I haven't decided which kind of anesthia to get. (General or Epidural) I'm kind of scared to get General though, because like, what if I don't wake up? And also, I know that sometimes the anesthia messes you up for a while after you wake up. But with  the epidural, that would hurt getting it injected. My dad said it was ok, since he's had numerous back and knee surgeries, but he has a higher pain tolerance than me. My mom's is lower though, and she said it's like having a Lumbar Puncture, though I wouldn't know how that feels. Does anyone  have any advice? On like, which one would be better. ( I'm 14, keep that in mind)


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Hi there, usually the anesthesiologist have preferences, but you can certainly talk to them and ask questions.  I've only had a general anesthesia for surgeries and they give me anti-nausea meds at the same time to help with any after effects post-op - that really helps.  Let them know your concerns so they can explain everything.
You could also ask about pain blocks - they can give you pain pumps or femoral nerve blocks which really help with the post-op pain.

Take care.  ~Shade
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Hi Keegan~

Sorry to hear that you have to have surgery soon.  I know it gets kinda tough being a teenager going thru knee surgery.  You'll be happy to know however, that for all five of my knee surgeries that I have had, I had a spinal (epidrual) for anesthesia.  When I went into my first knee surgery, I was like you and didn't know what kind to get.  My anesthesiologist literally told me that I'd be having a spinal, just because he was a little unsure how my lung issues would affect anesthesia.  Going into the surgery, I was just so terrified.  I went in not exactly sure what it was, and really didn't know if I'd actually like being awake for it.

However, once I got to the OR, I felt better.  The needle going in can be a little painful, but only for a very, VERY short time.  I personally felt that getting an IV was worse, but that just may be me.  After the surgery, I was really happy that the anesthesiologist had me get the spinal, because I had no upset stomach or nausea, which usually happens commonly with general anesthesia.  I also felt clear headed after the surgery, instead of bogged down and loopy.   :P 

If I were in your position, I would chose to have a spinal in a heartbeat.  However, that decision is totally up to you and your anesthesiologist.  It also may depend on your OS's preferences.  Some surgeons don't like it when their patients are awake during surgery, but most don't care.  Should you choose the spinal or epidural, know that you don't have to be awake for surgery if you don't want to. During one of my surgeries, I was having some pain and they gave me some great meds, and also added some sedation so I took a nice nap. :)

I want to wish you the best of luck!!
~Mandy :D
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