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Author Topic: MediMassager Foot vibration massager for severe lower leg ankle swelling  (Read 5985 times)

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Having been through 12 surgeries on my left leg from my knee to my foot, I had a dense non-pitting edema in my lower leg that would collect even more fluid in pockets after I stood for too long. After last February's surgery I even went to a lymphedema clinic to try wrapping my leg and lymphatic massage. Neither worked to keep the fluid from coming back. ( I did not have lymphedema - verified by therapist, but tried lymphedema therapy for severe edema)

I ended up ordering the MediMassager, an 11 speed foot massager from based on the reviews. I was shocked to find that it actually worked! I used it several times a day at first and now just on occasion after a lot of activity. The dense, thick look to my leg is now gone and the fluid doesn't stay in the pockets in my leg anymore. I guess it got a stalled lymphatic system in my leg working again.

It might be worth trying for anyone who has dense edema in their lower leg that they can't get to go away. There usually is a time after purchase that you can still return the product. I started noticing results right away. It's not cheap, but for me it was worth the price.

***I've added before and after photos. A bowstringing tendon can easily be seen in 2nd photo, but diagnosis was missed due to swelling and I had 2 unnecessary surgeries.
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