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Author Topic: KNEE REPLACEMENT DELEMA  (Read 4176 times)

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« on: July 27, 2006, 09:11:11 AM »
Hi, just registered yesterday and new to this kind of forum, please forgive me for my lack of Knee Knowledge, and lack of Buzz words.

I was hit by a car in 1985, damaged my Femur at the knee joint, and lost a substantial part of my lower leg tissue from just above the ankle and up behind my knee. Major skin grafting to calf area.  Had a wee operation the following year to take away some of the damaged cartlage and a Bakers Cyst.  I was warned then that I would not be able to run or dance anymore (loved jiveing), well I proved them wrong and have had a reasonably active life since.  Until about 2 years ago when my knee started to give me a lot of bother.

To cut this long story short, in Feb this year, my GP advised that I was suffring from ('severe onset of Osteo Arthritis).  And yesterday, I finally managed to see my OS, he thinks I need a Knee Replacement, and the waiting time, within the next 6 months.  This news has scared me because I was not aware of the extent of the problem. I hesitated yesterday because, I am going through a very stressful time at work just now and my OS said it would be advisable to get my current situation under control before putting myself into another very stressful situation.  He wants to see me in 6months time and can discuss surgery again then.

 Should I carry on taking my suppliments (Glucosomine, Chondroitin, MSM and Vit C), keep doing my exercises and just put up with the pain and lack of mobility?  Or should I take the bull by the horns and say yes to the surgery now?   I am female and 53 yrs old.

Thanks for reading this far.   ANGELEYES

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« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2006, 09:04:18 AM »
Hi - Just thought I'd respond since no one else has (seems kinda typical for this site, sad to say!)  I'm in a similar situation at age 59 - my knee recently became much worse overnight (after OA diagnosis 10+ yrs ago) & I suddenly am limp-lurching about as I can't bear weight on my left leg, & was told by my usual knee doc that I may need TKR.  Am looking forward to a PT visit Fri., in the (possibly blind) hope that they can help me avoid surgery. I'm also researching the various supplements (have taken glucosamine for yrs, but never noticed that it helped (& my total loss of cartilage is not much of an ad for this substance ... speaking of ADS, I do see one or 2 posters repeatedly praising SynFlex when few others seem to have benefitted from it!))  I'm also scared of TKR & its aftermath & quite shocked that I was ambulatory & physically active  a few weeks ago & now am forbidden all weight-bearing activities & unable even to walk semi-normally!  Personally, I'm continuing my previously assigned knee exercises (straight leg lifts, etc.), using my stationary bike & have located a local pool with arthritis-oriented classes - if I don't like the latter, I plan to simply walk/jog in the water.  Sorry not to be of any help with your questions, just wanna wish you well & show a little solidarity!

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« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2006, 11:04:10 AM »
WOW OLGA !! that is a bit harsh - typical of this site for no one replying? - I think you will find everone is as helpful as they can be!

I for one did not read the original post as it was in the Rheumatoid arthritis section - of which I know nothing! However it transpires that it is Osteo arthritis - so it is just as well that you replied or I might not have seen it come up again - and it was because there was only one reply that I looked!!

Angeleyes - as far as the supplements go - if you feel that they are helping your joints then there is no reason why you should stop using them. As for TKR - I had mine 8 weeks ago - for me it was the best thing I could have done - it is very successfull for me and I am so mobile now and apart from the post op pain - all the arthritic pain is gone.  Only you can know if you are ready to take this next step - It was my quality of life and contant pain that mad e do it (apart from the fct that my OS said I had no choice other than having the joint fused or replaced due to the arthritis being in my shin bone as well) 

You will see on this site that there are a lot of people with post TKR problems - just bear in mind that they are in the minority and that successfull TKR patients either no longer post here or never came to the site in the first place.  It is a great site and you will find tons of information just by reading through various posts and of course creating your own threads with your questions.

I do think your OS is right to give you time to really think about it - it is Major surgery and hard work for recovery (- but for me - so worth it ;D) so you do need to be in the right frame of mind and do not need distractions like work problems getting in the way

Good luck with whatever you decide

1978 - ruptured acl and all cartalidge removed.
several debridements over years
TKR 10TH JULY 2006  Aug 07 patellar maltracking - more physio! Still pain - but so much better !
BIOMET AGC  TKR  (with 10 yr warranty !)