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Will i get full mobility back in my knee?

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Author Topic: Funny but real its all clear now  (Read 947 times)

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Funny but real its all clear now
« on: July 26, 2006, 11:58:57 PM »
I recently had my work related accident on May 06 which resulted in a Tibial Plateau Fracture to the right leg.  During the initial surgery they installed a plate an 12 screws with inside suchers to cut down on the scarring. PT was forced in less than four days thus busting my suchers causing external bleeding they did not clean. I was told that was normal to expect it but my Common Sense(CS) said it wasn't but that didn't stop them from realeasing me with no antibiotics!!! Two wks later an infection showed sending me back into surgery to open the incision and clean it out. They never told me what type of infection it was they kept hee-hawing around the question. I accidently found out it was a staff infection through another nurse who was temporaily filling in from another floor. They tryed forcing PT a wk after the surgery and the answer H*LL NO(CS). I left the hospital with a PIC in my arm only to greet my once a wk home nurse who instructed me how to administer my Antibiotics/Blood Thinners/Pain Killers. I returned to have my stiches removed only to return in two days with another infection. D*MN IT!! What the H*ll is going on? They all sat an pondered for awhile then wrapping my leg up in a ton of cotton having me looking like i stole the Michlien Tire Man's leg! My instructions were to leave the dressing on for 5 days without changing it. The home nurse bellowed NOOOOOO when hearing this. Hold on that ain't it, they wanted to cut my calf mucsle and stretch it across my incision then graft skin over the mucsle permanently if the incision didn't heal. THEY DON LOST WHAT LITTLE MIND THEY HAD LEFT!!! Desperate situations call for desperate measures, I used one of my life lines and made an urgent call. Sterile water, Bacitration with dressing changes twice a day saved my leg from a third operation. Its been rough. Summing it all up i went from a self-sufficient, athletic, road runner to becoming the next Poster Child!! Not being able to drive(which was killing me the most), sleeping down stairs, using the port-ta-pot and still removing stiches out of my incision after 3 mons...etc. AWWWW it isn't over is it? I am coming off my 3 mo non-weight bearance knowing i still have a long ways to go i wanted to know what to expect in rehab? Please let it be uplifting!!!   
                                                     :) Rocsee ;D
05/06 Sustained a TPF during work. Recieved 8 screws, plate,staff infection
05/06 Cleaned infectioned area thru surgery
06/06 Discharged with PIC line,home nurse,NWB
08/06 Infection lingering,C_Diff,started PT,PWB
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