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Author Topic: Another Post-Op Meniscal Diary...  (Read 1390 times)

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Another Post-Op Meniscal Diary...
« on: July 26, 2006, 10:06:25 PM »
Another meniscus repair diary.

Great site, found it a few weeks ago and has loads of information.  Iíve read most of the diaries and got an idea as to what to expect.  Thanks to you guys, I decided to add my experience to the forum.

Well, the procedure was done on the 20th and now 6 days later itís a little better.  Right after the surgery they offered some ginger ale or apple juice and I just wanted to keep on sleeping.  A few minutes later, they come back with more question and I just want to be left alone.  After another few minutes they sat me up and asked if I knew how to use crutches, they explained that very quickly.  I had the pump clipped on to my pants with a hose going to my knee, didnít know what that was for.  And this blue blanket wrapped around my knee under the immobilizer with 2 connector hanging out.  Then it was explained the connectors were for the Thera-cooler, never seen anything like that.  All of this while Iím still half a sleep.  Then I was given a prescription for Vicodin and Ativan.  Vicodin every 4 to 6 hours and Ativan before bed time.  Once home, the knee was still numb.  Also got a call to begin rehab on Tuesday.  I tried to use the There-cooler and it stopped working, after that I slept for the rest of the day.

Friday Day 2, back to the OS office for a follow up.  Bandages and immobilizer were taken off, then they wrapped it and put on these long white socks, to prevent blood clots.  These things were tight as heck.  Doc explains that I have to do 500 leg lifts per day and around 50 ankle pump every hour or so.  Then back to bed and the pain was really getting bad.  But no matter, the pills took care of that.  Later in the day, this Kinetic knee moving machine, EMS 500 and a new Thera-cooler was dropped off.

The next three days, just rest in bed and try to toe touch when I have to use the crutches.

Tuesday Day 5, First rehab visit, initial check of leg strength.  The therapist provide an exercise routine for leg lifts, ankle pumps and knee bends.  As for the knee bend, he explains how uncomfortable it was going to be but that I still had to work through it.  Man it really sucked, my knee was still stiff and painful but I had to go as high as possible.  Iím to do 20 every hour and hold it for 5 seconds.

Iím due back to rehab tomorrow, looks like Iíll be going twice a week for four week.  Letís see how that goes.

Will keep you guys postedÖ.


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Re: Another Post-Op Meniscal Diary...
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2006, 08:17:15 AM »
hows it going now? are you any better, what did you have done and are you finding physio helping you x