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Author Topic: I'm 14 and my knee is ruining my life! (post if you feel the same about yours)  (Read 6293 times)

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I, too, had many subluxations and full dislocations of my knees starting around age 11. My OS could literally put his thumbs on both sides of my kneecaps and slide them in and out. Told me it was something I would grow out of but to expect even the most minor falls or sprains to cause partial or full dislocations. I spent at least half of my high school career and part of my college career in immoblizers, on crutches or in a wheelchair and spent many hours of PT trying to strengthen muscles and reduce the "floating" kneecaps as well as many cortizone shots, fluid removals and arthroscopic surgeries.
By the time I hit 20, my knees were both sturdy and I didn't have any more issues until this winter at 35 when I fell and the result was a Tibial Plateau Fracture. it was on my STRONGER leg too. after experiencing the fluid removals, surgeries and recoup time (I'm still on 2 crutches in March after falling and having surgery in December) something vastly different yet so similar. I met my husband when I was 13, and these past 4 months in immobilizer, on crutches, and unable to do anything for myself, has him reminding me I can do more than I think I can from evidence having known me through many injuries in high school.... I hated having to have people wait on me, and mastered stairs on crutches with hip to ankle braces. Managed to hobble short distances in order to not have to crutch everywhere. His encouragement now, and reminding me of what I used to do, has me striving to be able to meet those goals with this injury even more than any PT or OS could.
Every time a sport caused an injury in school, I would go back to swimming, building the leg muscles and strengthening on top of the PT. I, too, went to dances in immobilizers and tennis shoes, on crutches etc. i tried to make sure any of the BIG events I was able to attend or participate in on some level. Perhaps I would leave early, or take frequent sit down breaks, but I was there, having fun with my friends and taking pain meds to help me not focus on the pain. having to give up sports was not easy, but friends and family always seemed to find alternative activities that made still feel active and part of everything. Good luck and fast healing.
Dec 27 TPF
Dec 30 Surgery plate, 6 pins, bone graft
Dec 31 released with soft brace and crutches
Jan 3 back to work full time
Jan 10 47 staples removed, brace to be not used when sitting/laying
Feb 22 6 week check up, brace no longer. PWB with 2 crutches, light PT for ROM

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Hey  Elizabeth and Dancinonwater,

I'm 15 and my knee's are also bad! I have patella alta and trochlea dysplasia so in the next month or so i am also due to have a TTT and trochleoplasty! I know how you feel about not being able to do what everyone else is doing. This year is the deb ball for our year level and i'm not going to be able to go as it will be close to my expected surgery date. My knees constantly give way and both have dislocated in the past. I am nervous about having the surgery but i hope that after both knee's are fixed then i can get back to doing the things i love to do like going to the beach ect.

I hope you are feeling better soon :)

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Patella Alta and Trochlea Dysplasia

12/11 --> TTT (RK)
          --> Lateral Release (RK)
12/12 --> TTT
          --> Lateral Release (LK)
          --> RK Screw Removal
07/14 --> LK Screw Removal

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Im sorry to hear you're having such a rough time :( I do know how you feel. I had arounf 2-3 dislocations a week for years. It was the worst time of my life. Ive since had a lateral release and a TTT 2 years ago and have been dislocation free ever since. The down side is even after 2 years i'm still in pain and finding walking difficult, I cant keep up with my friends and feel i miss out on a lot of things. Im seeing my surgeon again next week due to new issues I'm having and it does get depressing at times. Just remember you're not alone. Ive been going through this alone since I was 18, we never had the internet then and now we have great forums like this. Im sure most people will be there should you need a chat, or a rant, myself included. I hope you start to feel better soon


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I HATE MY KNEE !!!!  its dislocated 16 times in 6months and is gonna stop me frm going to agricultral college becaue the operation is so late in the holiday. Its physically ruined my life. And because its my GCSE's at the moment i cant miss one of them so i have to go in even if i dislocated my knee the same morning :( its made the most stressful time in my life (exams) the worst time of my life.

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I know how you feel! When I was 11 I dislocated my knee roller skating and thought I was fine so I got up and tried to skate and ended up tearing several ligaments in my left knee. I had to have an open knee surgery to get a lateral release, a microfracture, a reconstructive ligament surgery, screws in my patella, and they had to cross all the ligaments in my knee so it would stay in place. My surgeron said my knee was sliding around so much it almost popped out on the OR. table. I was very active as I had to be in recovery for more than 8 months! I was off pain meds the day after surgery which was a miracle! Three weeks after my surgery I fell down and dislocated it again! My knee took up my graduation and whole summer! I am turning 12 (yes I know I am young but I know A LOT about knees lol) and I am still recovering from the fall after surgery and the surgery itself. I hope I don't need another knee surgery but I am almost positive I do. I really hate knees.  ::)