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Author Topic: HTO - closing wedge  (Read 1903 times)

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HTO - closing wedge
« on: July 24, 2006, 07:49:37 PM »
I was initially a little bit nervous about the HTO surgery, especially seeing as after a scope back in March I had a difficult time.  The percocet knocked me out and I was so emotional as I didn't really know what the plan of action would be and if I would ever recover.  But, the surgeon decided on the high tibial osteotomy and after 3.5 hours of surgery I have been recovering ever since.  This time round I'm taking Tylenol #3, as needed.  I've tried to go without it from time to time and it's manageable.  But, when I really want to sleep I take one... if not I'm uncomfortable (lying on your back every night with a big brace on will do that to you!).

I had my surgery nearly a week and a half ago and the inside of my ankle and the inside of my knee is a little bruised, but that's about all the bruising thus far.  I shaved around the area for the first time yesterday and the leg looks more tanned compared to my other leg (maybe the residue from the antiseptic they apply).  I had a 83 degree bend on Friday but today in physio I had 78 degrees after warming it up and working it.  I will have to work hard to achieve my ROM again... after my scope it was a very very tough go getting back to 147degrees. 

When the going get tough the tough get going and I'm going to keep going until I'm recovered!!

Cheers to all kneegeeks and here's to better knees!!  ;D
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