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Author Topic: My third surgery (TTT) recovery success  (Read 1911 times)

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My third surgery (TTT) recovery success
« on: July 08, 2006, 07:09:47 PM »
For details of my surery day and first few weeks see my post op thread. (September 7) I first went through one physical therapist who i did not beleive could do anything more for me. He didn't increase my workouts and things of that sort. So i was  reffered to a Physical Therapist at SHU (Sacred Heart University) in Shelton, CT. Right when i went there i knew that he was a lot better than the other therapist. He worked on everything to try and solve what could be wrong with my knee, considering it was my third surgery. I started off doing very basic things, balancing, bending and coming back up. Things that are just to get back minimal strength back. I had to do all of these things for a while and at the same time help support the basketball team i was on and do all my school work. It was a pretty busy schedule. I recovered back all of my minimal strength, and we moved on to do step ups/downs on a step with weights to get the quads back. At this point I can tell my knee is getting better. Right now it is 10 months post op. I would say at about 6 months post op was when i began to start running again. They say 4-6 but i really didn't feel ready untill 6. It was really hard getting back into shape and at the same time lose all the weight i put on from not being able to run and just eating and playing video games while being homeschooled for a month until i went back to school. At this point in the PT, we were done getting all my strength in my knee and legs back, so we are working on jumping. Already people see and I feel a big difference since i first started jumping again. Right now i think this surgery made my knee and myself feel the best it has since i hurt my knee the first time. So to everybody getting TTT's it is a great surgery and hopefully you like me feel the best you have after that surgery. Good luck.
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Re: My third surgery (TTT) recovery success
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2006, 11:55:57 AM »

Hi there.....

Enjoyed reading your post.  It's so nice to hear a positive story like yours.  Good for you.. your hard work is definately paying off and you'll be back to the sports you love soon.  Congratulations!! 
Take care.  ~Shade

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