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Author Topic: UKR x 2 at two years post-op success  (Read 1935 times)

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UKR x 2 at two years post-op success
« on: July 20, 2006, 08:14:07 PM »
I had the left medial knee joint done two years ago today and the right medial about three months later. Both with Repicci component. I was 49 at the time and both knees were a painful osteoarthritic mess. I'll have to say "it gave me my life back". There have been issues in both knees since the surgery. The left knee feels like it has some kind of debris impingement in the component and I'm fairly certain my right knee lateral meniscus is damaged (pre surgery). I can't fully squat without pain (but really couldn't before the surgery).

Nonetheless, here's a list of events/things I have done since surgery (none of which is intended boastfully but only to give folks an idea that they can go from debilitation back to a physical "life"): walk normally even up and down stairs, several hikes with some as much as 10 miles (take a walking stick for downhill), bike 40 miles over hills, ski deep snow several times over the past two winters (usually not more than four hours at a time). Some may do more or less than this list. If your quality of life really is bad and UKR is suggested, try to find a good surgeon, and consider taking the plunge. Good luck to you all.