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Author Topic: Anybody here an 'ACL Coper'? Had knee ligament damage but didn't have surgery.  (Read 755 times)

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My interesting and I'm sure not unique story: I tore my right ACL in 2007 and had reconstructive surgery on it in November 2008. I am right footed and play football fairly regularly (5 a side once a week, 11 a side every other week). Unfortunately two months ago I tore (I think) my left ACL.

When I did my right I was due to go to Uni the next year so didn't want to risk not having surgery, as I wanted to play football there. Now though I am considering not having surgery in order to get back asap, and seeing if I can cope. My physio said that there are "ACL Copers and ACL Non-copers" basically people who can go back to playing sport without having surgery.

I have recovered pretty well I think, I can run on it etc, and it's been roughly 2 months to the day.

Anybody here had similar damage and opted not to have surgery? If so how are you finding it?

I have my MRI results today and am hoping against hope that it's not as bad as first feared (to quote a football cliché).