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Author Topic: Shaky on my decision  (Read 945 times)

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Shaky on my decision
« on: July 12, 2006, 03:02:11 AM »
Hello all. (Full story is in the Post - Op diary entitled-- stop the subluxing [the darn TTT didnt work]

I just thought I'd post here because I've been feeling very shaky about the decision to have surgery soon. I am 16 years old & am approaching my Junior year in high school. I'm going to be having knee surgery next week & was told that I'll be on crutches (at least one) until October!!

Every summer my grade school has a carnival & all of my old friends & new friends go there. Last year I was on crutches & ridiculed for having yet ANOTHER surgery (7). No one understands, besides a few close friends, that I really do need these surgeries. Do they think I'm making up the subluxations?! I really don't want to have to be on crutches & in a brace for the carnival again this year. (I also recently lost 55 lbs. & wish to flaunt my new figure! Too bad no one will notice because I'll be on crutches & in an immobolizer!!)

I also am reluctant to again start another school year on crutches. Most people at school have the same reactions to my surgeries. I also want to start up my dance lessons full time this year, but I'll be on crutches yet again.

Did I make the right decision? I just need some advice from all you experienced Knee Geeeks. Thanks for listening to the long rant. ::)

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Re: Shaky on my decision
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2006, 11:50:58 AM »

Hi there.....

You will find out going through life that many people 'just don't understand'.  Hey, that's just the way people are.  You've had a rough go of it and are nervous of another procedure being done.  Don't be thinking too far ahead, take it a day at a time and things won't overwhelm you so much.

Think of the end game - a more pain-free knee that functions better.  Hey, we're all rooting for you. 

Hang in there Amanda.  ~Shade
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