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Author Topic: Knee Bruising and Numbness  (Read 1962 times)

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Knee Bruising and Numbness
« on: June 29, 2006, 08:08:29 PM »
I play soccer, and spent all of Sunday (6-25) playing several short games.  There were no incidents that day that caused pain, and no severe impacts that I remember.  I am a goalie, so I do spend time hitting the ground.  Tuesday evening, I reached down to scratch the lateral aspect of my knee, and noticed that the entire side of it was numb.  Further inspection showed a large purple bruise covering my kneecap and a little beyond it.  I don't know if the bruise was present Monday, but it seemed to darken over the next few hours, and was beginning to fade slightly over my kneecap by morning.  By Wednesday evening, the bruise was mostly a dark ring around the kneecap, with obvious dark blood under the skin.  The numbness has lessened, but is not gone.  I am experiencing absolutely no pain, and have full range of motion.  What would cause such severe bruising, as well as numbness, without any pain?  It did not swell, either.  Could there be a significant injury, or is it possible that I hit it just right, and broke a vessel?  I'm hoping the numbness is just nerve irritation from the bleeding.
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Re: Knee Bruising and Numbness
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2006, 04:09:43 AM »

It's difficult to say what you may or may not have done as I'm not medically qualified. As a goalie, if you're used to hitting the ground then maybe your knee made contact at some point during the game - with another player, the ball, the ground etc - which could cause a  lot of bruising. Although numbness with bruising is not unheard of it doesn't always happen. If you are getting the feeling back then I peronally wouldn't worry too much about it.

If you have no swelling or pain then I doubt that you have a significant injury. It may be worth resting for a few days to give your knee the chance to heal properly and get rid of the bruising at the same time as regaining sensation.

Let us know how you get on.

take care,

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