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Author Topic: my knee!  (Read 713 times)

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my knee!
« on: July 03, 2006, 04:01:47 PM »
hi, can anyone help me withsome information as my doctors have not been atall forthcoming with any explanation of what is wrong with my knee and i still have many months to wait for scan.
  my dog bumped into my knee whilst i was wearing high heals about a year ago and since then my knee has been tight and intermittantly painful i can not put any wait on the leg whilst it is slitly bent and the pain is so sharp that  sometimes whilst walking it collapses. i also cant straighten my leg (in a sitting position) unless i force it up which again is painful. if i sit for to long my leg kind of seizes in a bent position and hurts to straighten and put weight on.
  I am takin anti inflamitarys which seem to have little effect am i am finding it harder to get around
 as my job involves standing/walking all day ( nursery nurse) i am beginning to wonder whether i should take time off as after a hard day at work i cant put weight on my leg atall.
  does anyone out there know what could be wrong with my knee and does keeping using it although v painful lead to any further complications as my hip on the other side is hurting quite alot now due to my odd walking pose with one leg almost totally straight all of the time.please reply if you have any info as i am gettin worried and dont really know which route to take next  :'(