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Author Topic: Ongoing back of knee pain  (Read 732 times)

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Ongoing back of knee pain
« on: July 03, 2006, 06:11:33 AM »

I'm a 40yo male who took up recreational running 3 years ago.  Everything basically went well until February this year.  By Feb I was up to regular long runs of 20-22ks and weekly totals of over 50k.  Since Feb Iíve had running induced pain at the back of my R knee. Itís been diagnosed as inflammation of soft tissue (sports physician, physio, osteopath).

Since Feb itís basically been a cycle of 5-7 day rest, improvement, test run, another test run, set-back.

The pain is not constant. When itís at itís best there is no pain when walking or running. Unfortunately it seems running brings it back though.

The last serious amount of running a did was a 15km race in April.  The knee was really bad for 8-10 days after that, especially after getting up to walk after a sit or a sleep.

I can test for the presence of inflammation by doing a full flexion of the knee. If thereís inflammation, thereís pain on full flexion.

14 days ago I started a ZERO running regime for the first time since Feb (I know I should have done this months agoÖ). At the same time I took voltaren rapid for a few days. It responded well to the voltaren (no pain when doing the flexion test). Have been off the voltaren for 3 days and the pain is back on full flexion.

Iím doing regular stretching and have had deep tissue massage from osteopath over the last 3 weeks.

Iím after some thoughts others whoíve come through something similar. In particular:

1. Diagnosis?

2. During this period of zero running should I take voltaren again to get rid of the inflammation?

3. When I get to the point where Iím off voltaren AND thereís no pain on flexion. How long should I wait before starting some light running?

4. Could this actually be a stress fracture, and if so is it important to have it definitively diagnosed?

5. If it is a stress fracture, would the Ďtreatmentí be the same anyway (ie zero running until zero symptoms)?

I'd love to get back to regular running as it's made me much healthier and happier.  I'm starting to gain some of the 15kgs I've lost over the journey.

Thanks for any help!!