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Author Topic: Arthorscopyremoval of plica november now bakers cysts on semi tendonosis tendon  (Read 16348 times)

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Dear all

I read through some of the posts and was wondering what everyone's views were on treating bakers' cysts and to having radiocactive injections/cutting the cyst out and smg called prolotherapy?

I basically had an arthoroscopy for removal of plica last year after a fracture of my patella and some tendonosis.  Was doing quite well but since April noticed pain so went back.  Blood tests showed no inflammatory markers for osteo or rheumatoid arthritis and MRI scan i had last week showed no lateral damage to the cartiledge or mneniscus.  On pysical examination though it appears am quite tender and sore when i lie down on my stomach and certain types of movement feel very uncomfortable. 

The scan showed I have a small cyst on the media side of my knee posteriously which runs one of the hammstring tendons.  The surgeon explained that this is common and that usually results after a tear to the mmeniscus but that the MRI scans dont always pick this up.  He attempted to aspirate it last Tuesday but wasn't able to do so as he thinks its too gelatinous.  He injected me with Depomedrone but i was in agony last week and find now that i have trouble sleeping as it feels sore on the front infsct its only today that am not limping really.  I am not doing any physio or physical exercise apart from the minumum walking to work and icing and taking pain killers but am worried. 

He told me to come back in a month and then have an ultrasound scan and possibly do some moRe injections under ultra sound control. Do the injections work instantly?  Am i supposed to be feeling this much pain?  I was so relieved last week when he told me it wasnt cancer or arthritis and that i maybe ddint need another op that despite the pain was positive but now am geting worries shouldnt i be feelikng better by now? If injections dont work and i have to have it cut out what is the likelihood of it coming back? I've heard cysts have a tendency to do that and though comapred toi other people posting i shouldnt complain i just dont really know if i could face having another summer of cructhes, all the pain and frustration...has anyone had one cut out if so do they do it with arthorcope or smg else? How quick was your recoveyr in relation to having a standard arthroscope?  What about seeing a rheulatologist?  Really grateful for any views...many thanks all the best Jenny

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I got a baker's cyst after ortho surgery.  It started as plica sydrome on my right medial/inside part of the knee.  Plica syndrome is an oveworked tendon that gets shredded and hardens.  I had NO swelling, or issues other than burning some burning on the inner part of the knee, or where the two knees meet when you put your legs together, but very close to the skin as you could feel the heat after a good ride/repetitive motion of 10 miles, as I'm a cyclist and runner.  Prior to this, I could ride 100 miles in a day.  Anyway, I went to see the best sports surgeons in Chicago, and I was told that I needed surgery.  I should have rested it for a few months, but I wanted to get it taken care of.  Anyway, the surgery was to scrape the hardened stuff off, and check the rest of the knee.  There was NOTHING else wrong with my knee.  In fact, the doctor said that it was in great shape.  Went to therapy, and then started riding slowly.  I was good for about 6 months, and then I started to get pain in the back of my knee with swelling...a baker's cyst.  This was the first time my knee ever swelled.  It got worse the more I rode, and it eventually swelled the whole knee.  I stopped the riding but the swelling was so bad that it burst.  I know it broke in the back where the cyst was the biggest.  Back to the doctor, he sent me for more therapy.  By the way; all the swelling was gone in the knee right after the cyst broke, all the fluid went into my calf where it was sore for a month.  After two months of therapy, my calf went down, and my knee looked okay. 

I started back riding and would have pain on the inner part of the knee.  I went back to the surgeon and told him, and he said not to worry, and to just keep working it.  I kept working it, and it swelled again.  I stopped before it got too bad.  The swelling went down on it's own, but I was left with the baker's cyst.  I went back to the surgeon, and he said not to worry, and to push it.

I started riding again, only this time I had no pain, but the cyst was there.  The cyst got bigger and bigger.  I went to see the surgeons in Chicago again telling them I thought that I had a meniscus tear.  Went for MRI, and nothing.  They decided that I probably had a tear, so they did ortho surgery again.  They found NOTHING wrong with my knee, except for the baker's cyst.  They made the drain hole bigger as they said the fluid was getting stuck, and couldn't drain back into the knee, so that's why it kept getting bigger.

It's been 7 weeks since the surgery, and the cyst is still there, but much smaller.  I got a steroid injection yesterday, and was told that in two weeks I can start riding very easily.  If the cyst starts hurting, or gets bigger, than they will have to remove it.

My original question to them is; if there's nothing wrong with my knee, and they did the surgery to prove it, than why did I/do I have a backer's cyst?  The doctor told me it was because I am a fanatic about riding, but what I think is this;  When I had the first ortho surgery, it stretch the knee capsule.  Now that capsule is stretched, and getting in the way of tendons, muscles, etc., and it is causing inflamation, and pain, and because it is stretched, it is easy to build up fluid in part of the stretched capsule and form a baker's cyst.  Now the only way to get rid of it, is to have them cut out the cyst, or effectively remove the hanging/stretched capsule.

Of course the surgeons won't admit to this, and I'm no professional, but what else could it be?  If my knee is good, than what else?  Any thoughts?