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Author Topic: Chondromalacia and bakers cyst 3cm What to do  (Read 1402 times)

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Chondromalacia and bakers cyst 3cm What to do
« on: June 08, 2006, 08:00:04 PM »
 :) Hi I am new here and have some questions I had a MRI done and found out one I have a bipartite patella which does not worry me so much. I have very little joint fluid. :( all of this is in the left knee. I also have a multiocular structure measuring at least 3 cm and is partially dissecting inferiorly along the gastrocnemius and the attached tendons. :( My patellar cartilage is thinned medially and has increased signal medially. The retinacula appear intact as does the mechanism the anterior cruciate posterior cruciate medial collateral and lateral collateral ligaments are intact. I have amorphous increased signal within medial lateral menisci. There is no definite surfacing. The medial and lateral compartments are narrowed. There is slight hyaline cartilage thinning.

degenerative changes about the medial and lateral compartments. Patellar cartilage abnormality secondary  to degenerative change could reflect chondromalacia patella

Slight joint fluid Baders cyst partially dissecting

Bipartite Patella

Finding consistant with myxoid degeneration in menisci

Could some one help me understand this more I have done research but want some one elses appinion I would surly appreciate it very much Robin ;D :)