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Author Topic: minor bash and leg bending probs  (Read 673 times)

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minor bash and leg bending probs
« on: June 08, 2006, 11:46:05 AM »
I had a fall recently and one knee hit the ground hard and got v grazed.  That evening it swelled up.  The swelling reduced, but then black bruising and swelling started to move down the shin, together with the swelling.  Now, 6 days later, the swelling has almost gone but the bruising is still there.  The lower part of the knee is also bruised and it is swollen and painful to touch on the outside of the knee.  Should I use ice treatment or hot/cold treatment and I wonder whether I should try to keep the leg raised?  I trust this is a minor prob as some years ago, following a x-country skiing accident, I had endless probs with the other knee (and also with the wretched UK NHS) which resulted in keyhole surgery (unhelpful as it looked only at the front of the knee) and eventually in diagnosis of a torn posterior cruciate ligament and another operation.  For a while (in case this is helpful to anybody out there) I could neither straighten nor bend my knee; it remained in a semi-bent position and the NHS swore that there was "nothing mechanically wrong" and clearly regarded the prob as psychological!  Until I had an MRI scan which proved them wrong.