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Author Topic: Just need a vent.....! More decisions  (Read 956 times)

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Just need a vent.....! More decisions
« on: June 07, 2006, 03:55:41 PM »
I'm sorry, but I just seem to be very angry theses days and need to get a few things off my chest. Firstly a few of you know that I had a lot of decisions to make and have been trying to fit my life round these. Well the perfect plan is falling apart. Firstly I failed my driving test, then I have exams and a viva next week and results day (so yes I did sit my exams) then at the end of the week the hospital is meant to be doing my op. But that then leaves no room to retake my test, and the hospital says that the list may be cancelled so I'll have to wait another 6 months, which co-insides with my big final exit uni bye bye go earn some money exams and the start of my new job! PANTS.....! so all i'm doing is sitting around waiting and its driving me insane...........

I have thought that I don't really need this op, but on the other hand my knee still looks like it did 8 months ago post op, dislocates more  and I keep getting spasms down the back of my leg (any one else get that from hammy graphs), but then again I am terrified of surgeryand my knee is still painful to touch and my leg feel numb and thats not gonna get better.

I'm 24 not 96 with some neuropathy............oh and have I mentioned that the scar they will leave will look like a TKR but bigger....!

Sorry just angry at the world, and would like some one else to decide if I need surgery with out anaethesia, that would be ok....? however my OS has informed that they are not butchers!

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Re: Just need a vent.....! More decisions
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2006, 04:37:24 PM »
Oh Bridget, I am so sorry.  I am sitting on my butt after my second patella fix.  I know exactly what you are going through.  I did my originial fracture, which was not properly dealt with on November 1.  Well, December 12, when I was walking from the bus stop into my new job  -- ironically one of my main benefits of this job for me was I could walk to work  -- and I fell again on ice, shattering the patella this time and having to have emergency surgery.  But there is nothing like the bonding experience of meeting your new boss in the emergency room, 10 minutes before you are suppose to be at work.  At least I wasn't late. 

Yeah the scar is a drag. My partner has two huge ones on her right knee from blowing out her ACL, MCL and PCL at one time.  Yes, she is talented.  I met her three years later and the scar was really only noticeable when it was really hot, like in the sauna.  She is a natural platinum blonde so you know how fair she is.  ▀You could make it into a conversation piece. Remarkably a friend who had a masectomy when she was in her early 20s had the scar made into a rose vine.  It was quite amazing.  We are lucky that the knee is exposed to air and sun easily and will not take so long to fade.

I would say get the surgery done.  It is like a stupid sword of damacles -- no pun intended.  I would not want to spend the next six months waiting and planning my life around it.  Then you can go on from there

And congrats on your university exams!!   Good luck, we are here to vent to.  Mercy knows I have done my whining here.  Well I am off to go get my stitches out.  Keep me up to date.  Judith
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