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Author Topic: meniscus or LCL injury?????????  (Read 872 times)

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meniscus or LCL injury?????????
« on: June 04, 2006, 06:51:26 PM »
I have a long history of knee injuries but nothing related to the meniscus or LCL.
I was on a field trip with my son and while exiting the bus I slipped on a wet step and to save my bad leg I put my good leg down and twisted it at the knee. There was a sharp pain but not too much swelling to go with it. Its been 16 days since I twisted the leg and  I have pain on the lateral side when I walk, bend my leg and I cannot extend my leg fully with out serious pain on that lateral side. There is also a tremendous amout of pain when I try to go up or down the stairs.
I cannot get into my OS until July so I went to my GP and she thinks it may be a meniscus tear.    I went for an x-ray today which I know will show nothing but the insurance requires steps in treatment and therapy. She will schedule me for an MRI when she gets that report on monday.
I was wondering if those of you with meniscus injuries or LCL injuries could let me know if my symptoms sound constistant with a meniscus tear or could I have strained my LCL.
This really sucks as I have had so many problems with my bad knee to now have this on my good knee is depressing as all heck!!!!!!!!   

Thanks to anyone who can help


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