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Author Topic: Snap, Crackle, Pop!!!!!  (Read 772 times)

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Snap, Crackle, Pop!!!!!
« on: June 03, 2006, 04:09:38 AM »
hello there I was hoping this title would get attention!! My question is concerning my knee problem. My knee seems to get agrivated and shift strangly when I cross my legs and I can't sit for long periods of time without pain in the knee. I also have really bad grinding in the area right of my kneecap above the hollow area , the knee also snaps almost every time I bend my knee. The grinding also occurs when I climb stairs.When I sit and extend my knee it grinds a lot (enough to gross people out if they touch my knee) and it continues to grind and pop even more when I return my leg in. I didn't have any real injury but have had problems throughout the years. I was wondering if anybody as any idea of what it could be and if there is any way to prevent this grinding.

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Re: Snap, Crackle, Pop!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2006, 12:26:53 PM »
Hi brekkie cereal kid! Tee Hee :D

Book an appointment with your doctor and get a referral with an OS. (Orthopod) Grinding in the knee is not a good sign and can lead to arthritis if you don't have signs of it already. Don't sit back and leave it cos you will regret it in the future.
Go get it looked at and let us know how you get on. In the meantime take multi vitamins with cod liver oil, or just cod iver oil as it lubricates the joints.

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