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Author Topic: frontal knee & back pain & limp, Meniscus  (Read 2724 times)

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frontal knee & back pain & limp, Meniscus
« on: June 02, 2006, 07:42:24 AM »
I had surgery 8 wks. ago. I'm no athlete I injured after I caught my toe on a box. Continued to be unstabe, twisting  the knee several more times through the month. It was a work comp. claim so I had to muck through with the primary who changed her diagnosis every week. This went on about 5 or so wks. until I finally pressed for pt and an MRI. Onto a OS to address the meniscus tear. Been taking Ibuprfen since Jan, 2,400mgs per day. I had no history of knee pain. I couldn't see the OS I really wanted because of insurance, so I went with another that had a good surgical reputation, however his attitude left me speechless and I left without fully having my questions answered. He seems to have a jaded opinion of anyone who has to use Work Comp.. He voiced that he didn't really think I did it at work. I had a hard time coming to terms with having him do the surgery after he had questioned my integrity. He never mentioned the risks. So I asked for a second opinion he was very far away he felt I needed someone closer, so I ended up with the surgeon who managed to idimidate me. I had met many people who had total success. I expected the same. I just found this site. Had I found it 9 weeks ago it would have scared me off from having the surgery. How do all of you know so much about your flexation,etc? I knew very little until I requested the doctors report from my adjuster. Procedures performed:  Left knee partial anterior medial meniscectomy, three compartment synovectomy, Chondroplasty , patella.  his findings were mild chondromalacia of the patella and hypertrophic synovitis,(does anyone know what this really means) and a tear in the anterior horn of the meniscus. Also I understand Chrondromalacia to be a softening of cartilidge and the possible start of arthritis( he said I had no signs of arthritis ) He said  my knee looked very healthy. Then why am I not where I should be in progress. Surgery was Apr.6th he removed stitches and saw me at 6 days and released me to work at 10 days.(He would normally have seen me at 10 days but was going on vac. Well with many struggles trying to get my exercies done and actually getting to work (had to rely on a wheelchair to get inside) I petitioned for more time off. Was given an extra week. By early May I was limping horribly and has lower back pain.(this started in at more walking). So he gave me a cortizone shot on the lateral part of my joint. However it never relieved the pain, but did allow me to wght. bear more easily. The outer part of my knee felt tight like a stretched band and numblike on top. Still had pain in the front underside of the kneecap and sometimes felt as if both legs were weak. Continued with pt and home exercises. Honestly not being given the time to heal and deal with a work schedule and exercises  had me discouraged. I felt my doctor was not on my side. I was walking smoother but something was still not right.I can't be on my feet more than a half hour. Went back to him a week ago and he said he does not know whats going on. I ask myself is he a OS with this great rep, if all of you know so much he certainly should. I didn't buy it. He gave me another cortizone on the inner part of the joint , but it has not affected the pain whatsoever.  He brought the x-ray out and discussed that I have a tilt to my kneecap. Said he wouldn't recommend the surgery for it. It has never bothered me before. After reading this site and hearing  about scar tissue I went to my pt and asked to try some other stuff.  We added IBT stretch and an upper thigh stretch. Should I clear this with the OS since he playing so clueless? During heels slides I was feeling like there was a little resistance like a catch . He said that was fine. Sometimes there can be burning like before the surgery(any ideas what that is) Sorry to be so long winded. Sorry for too many of us left disappointed after surgery. Look forward to feedback.Thanks!