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Author Topic: acl, cartilage and who knows what else  (Read 731 times)

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acl, cartilage and who knows what else
« on: May 31, 2006, 03:17:17 AM »
hi i am new to this so bear with me, I got hurt at work in march, miss communication with dr for couple weeks , knee wasn't checked just hip,etc. anyway a month into, i got a mri, showed torn acl, and other damage.   I am getting it operated on in two days june 1st,  It was supposed to of been 2 weeks ago, but got rescheduled(they forgot to let me know til day before) go figure.( I haven't missed any work ) I've worn a brace for the last two months and have just delt with the aches, etc. anyway my situation is my other leg is stiff (I lost the knee joint in it 28 years ago and it was fused, i had one of the first fixature in my area back then 12 big pins and two big rods) so it does not bend (its all one bone) so now I will have this hip to ankle brace on my other leg for like possibly two weeks at home. YOu don;t have any idea what I have been going through trying to get people from the drs. nurse, assistants, insurance co, med supply co, physical therapist, etc. to understand my concern, it has been very frustrating to say the least.  I insisted on seeing the dr to discuss the concerns, i insisted on seeing the therapist ahead of time and took my brace to have them show me how to get around while i was feeling ok, i asked questions, i asked about items i may be abele to use and to see if they were covered. i called a medical transport co to get me to therapy(i have no way of getting two straight legs into anything. I have had my eyes opened big time.  Why did I have to do all this. Someone should be there to help you. I know the drs. office probably think i am a pain in the ass, but I wanted to know what to expect.  I also asked about in patient therapy, i was told no i would be shown the next day(I said what do I do at home until then) I live in a small town so is it because of that or is there a lack of clear info out there. anyway I am hoping for the best( oh yeah, i also have a cyst on the achilles tendon(I guess because of my walking wierd lately, and I strain my shoulder and neck (when my husband was trying to help me learn to get up and down couple weeks ago after I tried the brace on(thats when I called the dr back) my family dr said the need rest ha ha.     thanks for bearing with me needed to get this off my chest.