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Author Topic: Swelling from arthroscopy after 5 1/2 wks? Help  (Read 1581 times)

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Swelling from arthroscopy after 5 1/2 wks? Help
« on: May 29, 2006, 12:13:37 PM »
I had the first knee done Jan 05.  A partial medial mnctmy & he said he cleaned it up front back and sides.  (Does that mean debridement?) It healed beautifully except for some sharp settling in pains 2 months later which came and went after a few days.  There was hardly any swelling after a few weeks.  I liked that surgeon a lot.  I only get the occasional faint twinge.

I have just had my other knee done on 20 April.  Posterior horn partial medial mnctmy & debridement.  -- I am at 5 1/2 weeks now and I have been concerned that my knee is still visibly bigger than the other one due to swelling.  I saw the surgeon last Wednesday -- he couldn't give me any definites -- but they keep scaring me with "well, it might swell up like that off and on from now on", and "well, it might be that arthritis will be a factor"--"well, it takes a long time to heal, we put a lot of fluid in there when we go in and-- do you want to come and see us in 3 months?  Losing some weight will help."  I'm not fat, but I am 10 pounds over normal weight due to inactivity.  I asked if the bike in the gym was a good idea.  He thought it was.  I was never put on to PT -- but truth be told, I found the PT for the other knee pretty useless which wasn't forthcoming until 3 months after anyway.  I continue with the PT exercises given to me to strengthen my thigh muscles and I have incorporated them into my workout at the gym.  In comparison to my other knee this one is worse.  Maybe it was in worse shape to begin with-- I will never know.   They did more work on it as I came out with stitches and bruising all up and down my leg to the ankle and lots of swelling.  It was really sore, but still I didn't need painkillers (good).  I can't help but think its because I had a different surgeon who was assisting an intern (I preferred the surgeon in 2005, but he moved on)-- the intern who did the op said to me afterwards:  "It sure was tight in there, and there was a lot of bleeding"  I never met the teaching surgeon (who is supposed to be good) until afterwards since it was NHS.  I tried to meet him, but was unsuccessful due to overbooking  -- and the post follow up -- I had to leave due to overbooking,  next week I had to leave since they couldn't find my records, and the third week was postponed to the next day due to lost records.  They finally got the records in hand --  -- the teaching surgeon who is supposed to be so good but only "assisted"(intern no where to be seen now) didn't even look at my knee except to glance down as we were talking.  Anyway, I have no choice but to trust that this is healing and that my knee will go back down to normal size.  If there was that much bruising on the outside, there must have been a lot on the inside.  I would appreciate some others feedback on swelling after 5 1/2 weeks.  I am worried.  Thanks

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Re: Swelling from arthroscopy after 5 1/2 wks? Help
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2006, 01:27:40 PM »

I am nearly 4 months post op, and saw my OS last week. He said that the knee was still a little "puffy" especially around the arthroscopy site where they insert the camera. He said that this was perfectly normal and went on the say that sometimes the swelling never fully goes, and the knee may never return to "normal". I have found that physio (massage) and icing does help, but don't expect immediate results. Every person is different but I wouldn't imagine swelling 5 weeks post op is that unusual.

Hope this helps

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