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Author Topic: bit anxious, have some questions...  (Read 689 times)

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bit anxious, have some questions...
« on: May 26, 2006, 03:24:51 PM »
Hi all. I only found this site a couple of days ago. I've been reading a lot of the comments and just want to say how much I admire you guys - and it's been great reading your comments. I've been whining to my nearest and dearest but i'm not sure they understand, so I thought I'd put down a whole load of anxiety here. I hurt my knee playing football (soccer) on 19th May. Today I was told I have a tear in a meniscus and will need an arthroscopy to remove/trim the meniscus. Currently I can limp around the house but can't bend or straighten my leg completely. I can put weight on it, but it doesn't feel very stable.  I've done loads of reading online about it but there's a lot I don't understand. Whenever I'm with a doctor I instantly forget all the questions I wanted to ask. I'm a bit worried about long term recovery. Will I regain 100% functionality? And a lot of sites I've read at say that with part of your meniscus missing you're prone to all sorts of things, including arthritus of the knee. Can anyone shed any light on this? How likely is it and how soon till I experience problems related to not having a full complement of meniscus? I'm guessing it varies a lot from case to case but I'd be grateful to hear form anyone with any knowledge/experience. Another thing is that I'm booked to go on a trip abroad 25 days after surgery. Is this feasible?
Another thing is, does anyone know of a magic way to stop being miserable and feeling sorry for myself and develop a positive attitude!?
thanks for listening....
24 years old.
May 2006, injured right knee
June 2006, arthroscopy. Diagnosed as "completely avulsed" ACL.
September 2006, cautiously starting to play football again...

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Re: bit anxious, have some questions...
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2006, 03:39:18 PM »
Capa, first of all..welcome here !!
The most important question, if you can fly or not you have to ask your doc..depends on what surgery you are having.
If you forget what to ask there's an easy way to manage that, have a paper and write down as soon as you think of something and bring it with you at next visit.
There are a lot of research and talking wether you should have knee surgery or not with meniscus tears. Some tears can heal by themselves if they are small and in area where bloodsupply is.
Some tears can be repaired if they are in area with bloodsupply, healing time is longer here.
Some tears need just smoothing and take away the damaged area. You usually can walk direct and the rehab time is faster.
In your case if you have locking and problems in bend or straighten your knee you probably have loose bodies in your knee from meniscus, in that case you need surgery to take them out or they will interfere between surfaces and give you more damages.
Hope this give you some answers.
Feel free ask more and I will try answer.
It's not funny to injure the knee and you are used to be able doing what ever you want. Try get out and have fun whenever you can and you will feel better.


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Surgery 6 times left knee torn meniscus, RSDS,chondromalacia, nervdamage cause constant nervpain,chronic inflamm.
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Right knee damaged aug-06, use brace surgery 4/9-07.LCL tear.

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Re: bit anxious, have some questions...
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2006, 04:17:36 PM »
Hi cappa

I recently found this site too, it is great, I have had seem really good advice from different people. I thought I would share my expereince with you and hopefully reassure you a bit  :)

I had an arthroscopy to repair my meniscus cartiagle in February. The operation itself was succesful as my damage was on the outer edges of the cartilage. However, if you have damage on the inner areas, it is not so easy to repair. The trouble is, they wont know untill they get in there!

Unfortunately for me, when they went in to do my cartiagle repair, they also found a stretched ligament, which is now causing me some problems. However, Iwanted to reassure you that recovery from the arthroscopy and cartiagle repair itself was very quick  :)

I only just used my crutches to help me leave the hospital the day of the operation. The very next day I started on my post op physio and I was weight bearing (a little). The I started to weight bare a bit more and a bit more, and the same increased my physio each day and before I knew it I was walking on day 5 after the operation. On day 6 I drove for the 1st time and returned to work (that was enough daytime tv for me  ;)

Of course I was walking slow at first, for a good 10 days after the op, but the 2 weeks after the operation I started my proper physio and was cycling, walking and doing balancing exercises to strengthen my leg. I was running after 6 weeks, but have had to stop this again cos of my ligament  :'( (I used to compete nationally and miss my running)

Now everyone is different but if you are fairly fit then I am sure you can recover as quick as me :-) Things that Is truggled with for a while were steep stairs, bending down, stretching up but the walking returns very quickly. so as long as you leave these things out, youll be fine to go on your hols  :)

With regards to arthrictous, any weakness in your knee will mean you are going to be more prone to arthritous later on. However, I have also heard that because people with injuries stay fit, to compensate their injuries, they do not suffer with it as much (I duno if its true!)

With regards to feeling sorry for yourself, this is natural and unfortunately there is no magic cure. Although, you may want to read some of the stories on here, some people have really suffered. Try and remember it is good that you are getting it sorted out :)

I also found chocolate and watching disney films helped me but I am sure that is a matter of taste!  ;D

I hope I have helped answer some of your questions. I always go blank when I see my OS too, so youre not alone there!

Feel free to ask anything else about the op and let me know how you are getting on

Selina  :)
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