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Author Topic: Knee getting more painful... suggestions as to cause?  (Read 657 times)

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Knee getting more painful... suggestions as to cause?
« on: May 18, 2006, 11:58:25 PM »
Hi folks,

A bit of history first: When i was in my teens occasionally when i was running and especially when i was jumping and landing on one leg only i would get a "funny bone" sensation shooting up my leg, along with the feeling that something had shifted in my knee. The feeling was exactly as if i had hit the funny bone in my arm, except in my leg. The knee would swell up for a day or two, be a little painful and then settle down again. I had it checked out with my GP, but he just put it down to minor twisting of the knee. As it only happened about once or twice a year I didn't really worry to much about it.

However just before my 18th birthday i was running down a country lane and put my right leg down on an uneven patch of ground. This caused my leg to flex inward and my patella to dislocate completely laterally. It was put back in place in A&E and i was in plaster for 6 weeks. There had been some ligament damage but I cannot recall which one/ones. I had physio to build up both quads, and never suffered a complete dislocation again, though maybe about once every 2 yrs up to the age of about 27 the patella would try and pop out if i put my weight down wrong. After 27 the patellas got bored with their wanderings and decided to settle down  :D

I am now 36 and I have been having trouble with my left knee for about the last year. That knee has always cracked when standing up, but lately the cracks have become louder and the feeling that something is actually jumping inside my knee when it cracks is growing more apparent. It has never locked completely, but when it plays up if i go to flex that knee, at about 80-90 degrees i get a very severe pain towards the medial aspect of the joint and a feeling that something is getting trapped inside. In addition when i fully extend the knee and put weight on it when walking i will again get a severe pain medially and something shifts with a pop i can feel but not hear. The periods of trouble have been growing more frequent and longer in duration through out the year. It first happened in June 2005 (3days), then not till Dec 2005(3 days), then again in Feb 2006(5days), April 2006(5days) and now May 2006(6days and counting). The thing that triggered it this time was getting out of my car in a tight parking space; I think i may have twisted it, but I can't think of a trigger for the other times it has happened. I did suffer a severely sprained ankle with some ligament tearing but no actual rupture in Feb 2005 and I wonder if some shift in my gait due to the ankle injury has triggered this knee trouble.

I am planning a visit to my GP, but just thought I would see what you folks thought first.


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Re: Knee getting more painful... suggestions as to cause?
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2006, 09:28:29 PM »
If there is a problem with your gait have you thought of trying a Podiatrist ?