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Author Topic: really depressed  (Read 3198 times)

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Re: really depressed
« Reply #15 on: May 31, 2006, 04:47:01 AM »

Geez sorry to hear about the back on top of the knees.  Doing the frozen peas was good.  I am assuming it is nothing more than a "lumbar sprain " as they call it.  Don't know what they gave you but dulling the pain is often the goal, not obliterating it even though the it might be what you wanted.  The good thing is you know that you will feel normal with the so-called "tincture of time"

take care and hope you are feeling better....jim
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Re: really depressed
« Reply #16 on: May 31, 2006, 07:13:12 PM »
Thanks for the replies!  ;D

I am feeling better. I didn't go see a doctor I was lucky enough to still have pain killers in the house. The pain was severe enough to make me want to reach for the Percocet but I didn't feel like puking ontop of everything esle so I just took somy tyelnol with codine. Didn't knock out hte pain but made it so I could at least enjoy my weekend. (wasn't gonna let that ruin my plans for a great weekend with my friends and boyfriend). I figured this was a good warm-up to the upcoming surgery. Hell I can manage through a thrown out back i'm sure an ostetomy won't be AS bad. (or so I'm gonna convince myself)

Mom and my boyfriend ganged up on me and convinced me to take yesterday off from work. It was great I woke up and looked at my boyfriend and said lets see i can try to get up and go to work...and he replied OR you can take off rest your back and spend another 8 hours with me! Heh it was great we did NOTHING all day except watch TV and he helped me move the rest of the boxes up to my room and stuff. But I'm glad I did. I returned to work this morning and got through the day without killing myself. Naturally my fellow teachers are good naturedly making fun of me. I walked in and they were like gee you are falling apart and you are the YOUNGEST on STAFF!! Heh and mom (who works at the school on wednesdays) told the director that I was in competition with one of the head teachers who is having hip replacement surgery 5 days afte my ostetomy to see who can fall apart first! I intend to make her a get well soon card and have the staff sign it before the year ends and i shall mail it to her over the summer. its funny because on the days we work together and something falls on the floor we are both like...sooo who wants to get that? lets see whose joints hurt more.... ahh its nice to have understanding co-workers.


OUCH sorry to hear about your daughter's wisdom teeth being pulled. The WORST thing you can do as a flautist is play after any dental work! My college teacher taught me that lesson. She had her wisdom teeth pulled out the morning she was to debut in a major orchestra. She thought she was goign to be fine. and she was except that halfway through the symphony the painkillers wore off and she said that was the most painfull exeperince in her life. Hence her rule if you have dental work don't touch the flute. THankfully I have never had any dental work done so I can't say I have ever had to follow that rule. Ah I understand the grumpiness of not being able to pratice. BUT she can do silent pratice until her mouth heals! That is have her take her flute and just finger her songs, its a great way to let the fingers remeber the order of notes so when she can play again she just has to worry about adding the air the fingers will know what to do!

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Re: really depressed
« Reply #17 on: May 31, 2006, 07:35:59 PM »
Ahhhh, a little codene and a little love, and you sound a little happier  :D
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Re: really depressed
« Reply #18 on: May 31, 2006, 08:15:13 PM »
You do sound much better. I know it is hard to give oneself permission to rest, so often, someone has to TELL US. Sounds like you had a very nice well-cared for day.
Alice got through the extractions quite well, with the help of percoset (didn't do in her stomach); got her stitches out today. She is chewing gently but can't open her mouth very wide. She isn't even talking about practicing so I am not going to say anything. She gets grumpy easily!
Don't you hate when your injuries put you in the same category as older people? Ok, so I am 52, but all the people in their 80's tell me their knee stories and well, i don't want to compare notes with them. Though I do. And send nice cards. Maybe I will get my very own big surgery this summer; that would be a dream come true... to come out of my own nightmare!
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