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Author Topic: Anyone ever had a TKR after a Quadriceps Plasty?  (Read 1737 times)

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Anyone ever had a TKR after a Quadriceps Plasty?
« on: May 16, 2006, 11:36:20 PM »
Hi, I recently finished up some synvisc shots.  If I decide the shots don't help much and my knee keeps driving me nutts, my OS says I should make the tough decision to keep living with it or get a knee replacement.  My trouble is from a vehicle accident 22 years ago.

In 1991, I had a Quad Plasty where my quads were moved up about an inch and reattached to gain some motion back.  It went from 65 or 70 deg. to about 105.  I'm wondering if this would affect anything if I had a TKR.  The doc says I might gain a little more motion but I know everything in there is grown tight and stretching that stuff out at all will be torturous physical thereapy nightmare.  I've been there before.  He didn't mention anything about the relocated quads (what little I have).

Anybody had a similar situation?  Thanks for your replies.
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