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Author Topic: Is this area new?  (Read 2618 times)

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Is this area new?
« on: May 16, 2006, 05:26:16 PM »
Or have I just completely missed it over the past year?

Hello everyone with Muscle and Tendon Injuries!   :o

I started off with an Avulsed Patella Tendon ... now I have no Tendon at all! 
Scar tissue is holding me together!

I'm hoping to see a very very special Specialist soon to discuss ways of fixing me!   I've kind of given up on the NHS - they don't seem to have any plans for repairing me!

Jan 05: Avulsed Patella Tendon (YUK)
Wired together Feb 05
Constant pain after Cast removed
2nd Op Nov05 to remove a 2cm piece of Bone from my Patella Tendon!!!
2 months later STOP physio due to Pain & Crepitus
Feb 06: Ultrasound shows NO Patella Tendon!
No plans for the future! :-/

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Re: Is this area new?
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2006, 06:20:02 AM »

I think it is new, I've never seen it before.  Good luck with the special special specialist.  I have very little quad function left after all of my surgeries and subsequent "stuff (for lack of a better word)".

3 scopes rt knee, acl recon pt graft rt knee,  rev acl recon allograft rt knee,  Hardware removal, lysis of scar tissue, ITBS, sublaxation, sensory peripheral neuropathy, DDD, arthritis, RSD, mystery hardware, flexion contracture, disuse atrophy, muscular wasting, constant fatigue, acl recon lt knee