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Author Topic: Where do you live?  (Read 115064 times)

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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #30 on: May 02, 2003, 07:42:30 AM »
I live in Miami FL.  GO CANES

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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #31 on: May 08, 2003, 06:28:44 AM »
I'm a resident of Melbourne Australia, fifth generation Anglo-Celtic/Scandinavian.  When I was younger I lived up in the Dandenongs (foothills to the Great Dividing Range) about twenty miles East of the city.  

For the past thirty years we have lived in Hawthorn (an inner suburb) about three miles from the actual centre of Melbourne and about which the entire universe revolves I am sure!  We have every conceivable ammenity, churches, schools, parks, shops and transport all within easy gimping distance.  

Autumn (Fall) in Melbourne is possibly its most beautiful season, the days are mild and the nights cold.  Because of the early settlers' attempts to make Australia a Southern Hemisphere version of England we have many deciduous trees and the reds, golds and greens are at their most vivid.

I just can't understand why anyone would want to live anywhere else!

I'm a grumpy old bear with a busted knee.  The growling you hear is my tummy rumbling!

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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #32 on: May 08, 2003, 09:43:52 PM »

I've been to Dandeonong - my Aunt and Uncle used to live there.  Also my Nana and Papa lived in Noble Park and my other Aunt and Uncle lived in Dingley - I think - small world - eh?  ;D
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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #33 on: May 09, 2003, 12:48:50 AM »
I live in Lafayette, LA, which is about two hours east of New Orleans.  I grew up in Baton Rouge, but now have my own little family here.

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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #34 on: May 10, 2003, 12:27:12 AM »
I was born in Woolwich, London.

Moved to Oxfordshire at about 8 or 9

Then East Sussex at 10

Stayed there until last Year when I moved to West Yorkshire.

So I've lived in a large city, then a small country village then large coastel town, and now small town in the country.

Would list my knees history, but there just aint enough characters. Lets just say my knees are knackered.


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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #35 on: May 11, 2003, 11:43:34 AM »
Hello everyone!

I was born in raised in Rhode Island but have been living in San Francsico, California for almost 6 years. Love this city!!

Denise (new to the community---it's been really great to be here this week!!) ;D


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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #36 on: May 19, 2003, 07:38:49 PM »
Born and living in Sheffield southyorkshire Uk
Would love to move on I am the only one of my family who hasnt and I feel the need to move.
Only thing is now girls are in school and mum is 77 so will be here for a bit longer.
H xxx ;)

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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #37 on: May 21, 2003, 04:04:49 AM »
Hey there- I am currently living in Greenville, SC.  I lived in Boca Raton, Florida for 18 years, and Columbus, Ohio ( GO BUCKEYES!) for 4 years in school.  Anyone nearby?

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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #38 on: May 23, 2003, 11:28:20 PM »
I grew up in Bay Village, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. But for the last 15 years, we have lived in Farmington Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Yes, there are a lot of Michiganders on this board. Weird! At least there is easy access to a lot of good medical care here.

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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #39 on: May 24, 2003, 05:03:13 AM »
Hi, all.  Here's another Michigander, but about 470 miles north of Detroit, up here on Lake Superior, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Well, Janet, we do have medical care up here, but not exactly easy access!! :D    

The local population call themselves Yoopers, coming from U.P. (Upper Peninsula).  It's a whole 'nother world, but after 18 years and raising 2 kids here, I love it. (Even though we only just have beginnings of leaves on the trees, no kidding.)

BTW, once Rand McNally Map publishers printed a map of Michigan leaving the UP out, and a few years ago, one of our teachers won Michigan Teacher of the Year Award.  When she went downstate to receive her award, they, too, gave her a placque (sp?) without the Upper Peninsula!!

5/4/02 struck by drunk driver. bilateral tibial plateau fractures. 10/02 scope for scar tissue, bad ROM  2/03 repeat procedure. still lousy ROM in right knee.

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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #40 on: June 08, 2003, 12:24:13 AM »
Hey all,
Just from South Carolina. While I've only lived here for approx. 4 years, I've yet to pick up a southern drawl...Yet.
Dave- In lil' ol' Columbia, Ya'll

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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #41 on: June 18, 2003, 01:39:51 PM »
Hi everyone

Finally getting around to reading some of the other threads ;D

I live in Warwickshire, England.

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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #42 on: July 04, 2003, 01:53:09 AM »
Hi everyone ,from a newbie..

I live on the south coast of England, in Portsmouth.

love Teresax
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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #43 on: July 08, 2003, 07:17:15 AM »
I live in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada...the litte tiny speck on the very eastern seaboard of North America, but Halifax is a pretty big city. I live in Halifax most of the time with MOm and Dad, as my knees just don't let me do much else for long, I have lived in Milton, Kemptville, Meaford and Algonquin park in Ontario,  Annapolis and Chelsea Nova Scotia, and I now live between Halifax with Mom and dad, and Springhill NS with my boyfriend and my horse. :)
I love Canada, Public health care all the way
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Re: Where do you live?
« Reply #44 on: July 08, 2003, 08:13:57 AM »

I am from Virginia...lived there since I was 4!  I am currently in North Carolina due to hubby's job (Military). We are hoping to find our way back home soon!!!!  


My hubby is from!

Heather  :D
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