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Author Topic: HELP!!!! 6 weeks post op HTO and ACL recon..fell in shower!!!!OUCH  (Read 1886 times)

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Im recovering from HTO and ACL recon done on April 5th and have had no problems recovering besides the anticipated pain involved from the surgery.  Rehab going great ect.  WELL, while in shower last night I went to sit back down on the shower seat and low and behold i slipped off and my knees bent dangerously...heals hit my back side.  Im guess I went to about 180 degree flexion and I have only been able to get to 130 so far.  Needless to say, this created EXCRUCIATING pain in my knee...not so much from the osteotomy site but inside the knee itself.  I lliterally went into cold sweats and almost got physically sick from the pain.  It idid subside after about 10 minutes and went to a more bearable level.  Im terrified I hurt it again, waking up this morning it is stiff and displaying sharp pains medially.  Im hoping I just ran into scar tissue and overstretched the acl, but did not hurt it.  I guess I will wait until monday to explain to the doc what i did.  HAs anyone else exxperienced a set back like this, Im really scared I hurt it again.  I definitely DONOT want to go through this surgery again!!!!
Any help would be appreciated!