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Author Topic: Full tear of PatellerTendon replacement with a donnor tendon please help...  (Read 935 times)

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Hello again.

    As per my other post, with the results of my MRI.  I was abould to speak to my Family doc to day who informed me that a do indeed have a complete tear of the mayjor patella tendon on my lower left knee.  He also said that I will be seeing a plastic and a orthapod doctor at St. Micheal's Hospital in Toronto Canada (by the way I live in Canada).  He said that there are going to replace this tendon with one from a person who has died. :-X  Any way I was wonder if there are any body eles out there who has has this done and can tell me what to expect in terms of recover time, and what kind to use I will get back, and of course what kind of pain there will be involved, sicne I am unable to take any narcotics dure to past reactions.
    Thank you for all your help.

John Rothernel.
Peterborough. Ont Canada

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Hi John,  so sorry to hear about your news .... But on a positive side ... at least they are going to replace the Tendon for you!

I believe there are a couple of other people who've had similar Surgery and I'm sure they'll be in touch to let you know about it  - take a look under Success Stories for a thread by MelP
(hopefully this will link direct to it ----->

I'm in the UK and am trying to find a Surgeon who will replace my missing Patella tendon so please do let me know how you get on!


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