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Author Topic: Knee question with MRI results.  (Read 745 times)

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Knee question with MRI results.
« on: May 02, 2006, 03:04:34 AM »

    My name is John and am 29 years old and in good shape.  I fell on some ice march 2 2006 and landed on a metal bean and cut my left knee full thickness just below the patella bone, right above the petella tendon.  It was stiched up several times now and the would is twice the size it was in the begining.  Also will in hospital I contracted a "Staff A" infection.  Now up untill that point I was about to lift and move my lower leg.  But and April 12 2006 around 1am if felt like a bomb went off in my knee.  It stared ti sweel right a way and bleed alot.  I went to the hospital the next morning and was sent home, them telling me that is was the new tissure that was trying to form and close the hole that was in my leg and that is was bleeding, and not to worry about it.  Now two weeks ago i got fed up and was very up set with my doctor so he said that I need to have and emergency MRI and this is what the report said.
Mri of left Knee:
    Initial laceration with large skin defec, then infection and recurrent injury. Query full thickness tear requiring surgery.

     routine images of left knee were obtained without contrast.

Patellofemoral Joint & Extensor Mechanism:
     There is a large skin defect seen at the level of the patellofemoral joint anteriorly measuring approximately 12mms.  There is discontinuity in the patellar tendon measuring approximately 1.8cm. There is micro-metallic/susceptibility artifac arising especially noter on gradient sequences in this region.the artifact is less of a problem on the FSE T2 sequence.
     Supporting evidence however consits od slightly high-riding patella and laxity involing the residual pateller tendon fibers.
     There is a moderate- size joint effusion.
     There is also abnormal and heterogenous predominantly hyperintense signal involving the patellofemoral joint anterior to the tibia and posterior to the patellar tendon.  This may reflect post surgical changes (which I have never had surgy on my knee before) or altermatively edema of synovitis.
    No periarticular soft tissue or ganglion is identified.

I was wonder if some out there in cyber-space could tranlate this for me, and let me know what it all means.  Now I have been told that I may need to have my pateller tendon replace with one from another person, (weird)  and way I hope some one can help me here.  Also what is the sx and and how is the pain during recovery and how log untill I can use my leg again.  That you for any advice.  my e-mail adress is   [email protected]

Thank you all once again.

John Rothernel