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Author Topic: mri scan, is the radioligist the person communicating via the intercom? advice  (Read 1866 times)

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Hi all,
       looking for some help, i recently had an mri scan done on my knee and was looking for a bit of feedback. The person speaking thru the intercom while the scan is getting done, is this the radioligist or just an assistant doing their job. The reason i ask is while i the scan was being done i was informed that "just a cpl more pics to go" i was told via the intercom. However after the last one was taken i was informed that "another image/closer one had to be taken" anyway something to that effect.

Should i note any particlar signifigance to this, ie is this a trained eye (radioligist) likely to see things and look closer as the scans are being done. Is this the person who will prepare the findings of the scan?

Or possibly am i being paranoid? and the radioligist is not even present.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Hey there,

I posted a response on your other thread.

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