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Author Topic: exercies ,which are good for me  (Read 983 times)

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exercies ,which are good for me
« on: April 16, 2006, 02:05:51 PM »
OK.My knee, reconstructed ACL and removed injured meniscus part 3 months ago, Reconnected MCL 10 months ago.Now going to gym for  1 month.Thought i fell badly on my operated knee 1 month after the operation ,doctor said everything was ok and i kept exercising.I am now wondering about th exercies i should do in the gym.I remember my doctor saying to do the stepper, bike driving, rowing machine, and also the exercise in which you hold your knee bent a little and bend the rubber band(i wonder if you got what i was thinking)i also strenghtened my rectus femoris of doing the exercise with a machine which goes like this:i am sitting on the machine my knees bent down 90 degrees and then rise the pole or something like that by streightening my knees.My doctor told me not to do this because the patella would move too much or so.Anyway i didnt do that any more and started doing more the exercise in which you hold your knee bent a little and bend the rubber knee.Then one day there was some guy who told that i should do the rubber thing and that the 90 degrees machine should only be done,because the only muscle that holds the knee mostly is the rectus femoris .Now i dont know who to believe.Because of my joint problems i cant do the rubber exercise also much,thought i think that doctor suggested to do that.Now, can someone suggest some exercises which they have done or are doing when they have their acl mcl and meniscus-unhappy triad inury.I hope that you got the point which i was trying to say.I think that i should trust the doctor,because he is the best in our country but  on the other hand that other guys suggestion makes more sense,because rubber band exercise trains totally other muscles in leg.
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