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Author Topic: AQUA and Land Physical Therapy  (Read 600 times)

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AQUA and Land Physical Therapy
« on: April 15, 2006, 02:50:24 PM »

Hi all,

 I been in  PT and AT for the last six months now. I have started to ask my PT about being released on my own and he has given me some advise on "what to do".   He advised me that finding a hotel with a pool and gym is much more affordable than joining a gym.  I do love my pool and would not think of giving it up after I am released on my own.  He has also taught me some excercises I can do with a small childs balll on my lower back and a ball. and ofcourse the leg weights for land.  I know I can bike for 30 min. and do the eliiptical machine.. Not the tread mill .. OS said treadmill too hard on my knees.

So for giggles I called a hotel and for a year membership with one guest .. It is 349.00  to use the work out room and pool.   I also called a gym miles away from my home with a pool and they wanted 79.00 a  month.

I just ordered my leg weights from amazon and .. Well I was doing my knee bends with the ball on my back and maybe I am getting that rush from excercsing right now.. or could be the coffee.   Oh pool noodle and aqua step.. maybe aqua weights..