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Author Topic: Valgus Deformity? Is your leg now crooked as a result of your injury? HELP!  (Read 815 times)

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I know I mentioned this before, then sort of brushed it off, but now it's really bothering me again. My injured leg (terrible triad MCL, ACL and meniscus) is crooked! From the knee down, the whole bottom of my right leg goes to the right. It isn't terribly drastic but I am already feeling pressure on my LCL and in the back of my knee because of this malalignment. I never noticed it before my meniscectomy but I'm sure it was there.

I never had a fracture in the tibia or any bone breaks at all but the MCL was pretty severely sprained. Could it have repaired itself in a funky way and healed with my leg not perfectly straight? I was in church today and couldn't stand with my feet together. They have to be 2 inches apart or else the right knee pokes into the left knee. It isn't swelling.

Again, it isn't really drastic and even my mom couldn't really tell by just looking, but I KNOW it's different.

Do you think the ACLR will fix this? I don't see how it could since the leg already healed that way. Do you think physio can correct it or a brace? I do NOT want to get any more surgeries after I have the ACLR. I will live with it if I have to.

Please anyone, did you experience anything similar and what happened?
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I've had this ever since an attempted meniscal repair.  I'm convinced its scar tissue related.

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I don' t know if I have the same as you......mine is "tipping" inward....if I sit on a chair as straight as possible and put feet flat on the wall ,knees at 90 degree angle....left leg(good leg ) will line up  foot, knee, shoulder, right knee tips in almost to the middle while foot and shoulder line up....standing up I can barely see it..if I stretch forward with with leg totally straight at hip level..again left leg lines up foot knee shoulder, right knee totally off again...according to my doc, my lateral compartment is totally empty and my OA is stage 4 and my knee is colapsing in on it self....he wants to do a PKR soon.....I can still function like this so I want to hold off...but it's funky...are you in pain??

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