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Author Topic: Should I look for a new PT ? ouch !!!!!!!!  (Read 762 times)

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Should I look for a new PT ? ouch !!!!!!!!
« on: March 16, 2006, 06:16:57 PM »
I have chrondromalacia in both knees.  Saw a PT for my first evaluation and then its supposed to be 6 weeks of PT.  This guy spent most of the time with locker-room chat with the other PTs who worked there...definitely gave me 60% of his attention.  We did exercises (no warm-up) that were challenging for me...but at first I thought that was good since I know I need to strengthen the muscles.  A few hours after PT I was in enormous pain into the night.  I still had it when I woke this morning.  I've been using ice packs and Motrin.  This doesn't seem like a good sign to me - and if I'm spending so much in co-pays, maybe I should look for someone a new PT place ?
Any suggestions ? :-[

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Re: Should I look for a new PT ? ouch !!!!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2006, 10:15:42 PM »
You should probably expect to have some pain following a PT session. I always did. But you should never feel like you are getting short-changed at therapy. Granted, you can't expect for them to be with you every minute, watching every rep of every exercise. But you shouldn't feel ignored. You should talk to your PT about your pain (maybe you did too much for the first day?) and especially about your concerns about his attention. If he doesn't listen to you or continues to give you minimal support, I'd look for another PT.

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Re: Should I look for a new PT ? ouch !!!!!!!!
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2006, 01:01:24 AM »
Always trust your first instinct and your gut feeling.  If you don't feel this guy is alright he probably isn't.  I went through the same thing with my first PT.  He was awful and I knew it from the beginning but kept trying to make excuses for him.  Your lucky your PT gives you 60% attention.  My first one read a magazine the entire time I was exersising.  He had me doing leg lifts with weights that almost killed me.  All the execises he had me doing were really brutal and I was always in excruiating pain when I left there.  My Rom got up to 110 and then it stalled for a week.  He told me that was the best ROM I would ever get.  At that point I knew I was done with him and never went back.

My 2nd PT was a God send.  He was shocked to hear what the other one had me doing and surprised, that fool had not caused my knee further damage.  My 2nd one had a kind gentle approach and never asked me to any exersice that would bring tears to my eyes.  A little discomfort yes, but no big pain.  If I told him it hurt a lot he would say stop. Most importantly he gave me 100% of his attention and never left me by myself to do exersises, he stood there and watched and let me know if I were doing something incorrectly.  After the first week of seeing him my ROM got up to 130.  A month later I was up to 145 ROM and released from therapy and walking without a limp.

If I had stayed with the first one my ROM would have never gotten any better than 110.  My knee could not handle the pain and stress he was putting it through.  My knee just shut down from the pain.

It sounds like your not happy with this PT--trust your first instinct and look for another one.  Your in so much pain cause he had you doing too much.  Proper PT is a slow gentle approach, and is not a No pain No gain attitude.  Good luck!


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Re: Should I look for a new PT ? ouch !!!!!!!!
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2006, 04:03:27 AM »
I agree with tippyclub, trust your 1st pt was a "moron"...lI'm a balletdancer and she gave me2 exersizes..didn't seam to pay attention to what I was able to do or what was causing me my current one(gave me 13exersizes first time).. exersizes that are challanging, but not painful..she stayed with me most of the time for the first few after 16 weeks, she checks me in ...talks for a few minutes, gets the current feed back and status, then checks on me every 10 min or so during my 2 hr workout....the studio is amazing...all the pt's are if you're not satisfied..go somewhere else..good luck


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Re: Should I look for a new PT ? ouch !!!!!!!!
« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2006, 01:47:51 PM »
I think it's understandable to feel some discomfort after PT, but not as much pain as you describe. Have you gone back for another session since your post here? What did your PT have to say about your pain level after the first session? I've been to several PTs over the years, and I don't know of one of them who wouldn't know enough to back off on the exercises if they're causing that much of a problem. You don't want to go backwards!

Before switching PTs, I would explain exactly how I felt to the PT and see what he/she has to say. If they keep pushing you like that, it might only cause you more problems, and that's the last thing you need! (And this is coming from someone who's had a couple of setbacks caused by deranged PTs. ;) )