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Author Topic: Re Be real careful about how much you believe from this site and Censored  (Read 1861 times)

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Very disappointed to see my second post was removed Kee Guru. It wasn't abusive in any way so I wonder what the motive was. Hardly a balanced viewpoint being presented for a forum. Perhaps you should change the name to a 'Forum for the like minded only'. Was my challenge too confronting in that it may have proved what I said was true and that would have bruised too many egos? I notice you blame a mod for deleting it, must be nice to have loyal subjects looking after your interests like that.
Hopefully my comments WILL hurry along your plans to remove the surgery theme of this site and put some balance and accuracy to it, your loyal followers deserve more than just your support and the facts would be a good place to start. ???
Meanwhile you will be pleased to know I will disappear to somewhere more open and democratic and won't bore everyone here with my experience any further. I hope the operations go well and the rehab is as expected.

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I think you will find that advertising services is against most forum rules which is effectively what you were doing.

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Don't use the fact that many of us here have so severe problems that we might be doing anything to try correct them. It's really wrong way, that's using people in a very vulnerable situation.
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torn RK ACL March 2001, surgery Aug. 14 2006, after 4 knee sprains since Oct. '05.  Allograft, ~40% medial meniscus removed, some wear in the trochlear groove. Everything else looks good.

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Backguru- Fu** off!!!!!!!!!


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You're such a flippin waste of space  :P you can't even get one single point!!!  Ban this sucker off this site and those who agree go with it!!!!!!


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as his removal.


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its thanks to d***heads like backside that I'll become a superkneegeek!!!!!hahahahaha


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Good luck Harry78 I agree f*** off a**hole >:( You dont have any clue what youre talkin about ::)

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Hey guys,   I've had a BAD day,

and much as I don't want to continue this thread - I though that I should let you all know...

I was so annoyed at **ck Guru's message, I tried to reply to him privately ... and guess what ..... his email address is FAKE!!!!!!   it bounced back saying 'no such address'

what an A*5E.

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Feb 06: Ultrasound shows NO Patella Tendon!
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Hey guys, let Back Guru slink off into the sunset.  The fact of the matter is that, while most countries on the planet have guaranteed the right to free speech, that DOES NOT include free speech on someone else's privately owned bulletin board AGAINST THEIR POSTED RULES.  And the rules are pretty clear--trolling and posting inflammatory stuff just to get folks riled up is not allowed.  To call these rules CENSORSHIP is to demean the struggle of people who really do have to watch what they say.  Or who don't have the freedom to say what they believe.  Back Guru and any other member of this board can say whatever they please, as long as it follows the stated rules.  Consider this bulletin board to be like an invitation to a are welcome to come and mingle and enjoy, but the host does have a few common-sense rules to ensure that everyone gets the maximum benefit/enjoyment.  You agree to these rules when you sign up to be a member, don't turn around and whine about CENSORSHIP when you get slapped for not obeying the guidelines everyone else manages to follow....this is not censorship, you don't have a constitutionally guaranteed right to sell your business on someone else's nickel.  Or five pence.  Or whatever.

And really, kneegeeks, do you care what this guy says--this guy who came on here, clicked a few links, and has made blanket decisions about THIRTEEN THOUSAND PLUS MEMBERS AND THEIR TREATING PHYSICIANS??  This guy who thinks he knows more, without having so much as read our medical files, than all of our treating doctors (surgeons and otherwise).

Anyone who says they have the answer for every person out there without knowing the facts is pretty much eliminated as a moron in my books.  And I strongly believe in alternative treatments and an NOT fond of many surgeries done for patellar alignment problems.  I just don't think alternative means are right or sufficient or appropriate for everyone.  A person with a loose body or dislocated kneecap will probably not have the same treatment path as someone with an ACL tear or meniscal issues.  To say otherwise is ludicrous.

If this person had read through the web page and had any understanding of what was going on here, he would understand that the KneeGuru is someone who has been through controversial/unnecessary procedures and only started this board to get information out there on other ways of treating PFS.  That's how this whole board started--the majority of folks had PFS.  It has since expanded over the four years that I have been a member to be all inclusive and have information on all manner of knee issues and treatments.  Please see the piece on accupuncture for those who think this is a surgery-centric board.  It is only "surgery-focused" because many of us who have had surgery or who are working through knee issues have looked on the Web and found this, the most visited knee board on the World Wide Web. We have gravitated here from all over the world, bringing our surgical history with us.   Many of those of us posting here have had PROBLEMS with knee surgeries, and that is what brought us here in the first place.  To look for answers.  This in no way implies that the KG or any members of the board PROMOTE and CONDONE surgery.  Jeez, talk about dumb.

So to make a blanket assertion that everyone here is a proponent of surgery is patently ridiculous.  And to draw similar conclusions about the KneeGuru is equally silly, and not a little bit ironic, considering the original purpose of the board!!  The KG can't control a board with ten thousand plus members (duh, which would be while twits like back guru have a platform, however short-lived, for their silliness), and so this board has gradually evolved into a clearinghouse for information on knee conditions and the treatments used to resolve them--surgical and non-surgical alike.

Anyway, just ignore the posts from back guru.  He is just looking to flare up emotions and get people riled and spitting mad.  And probably to sell whatever questionable knowledge he possesses (I say questionable because, again, I distrust ANYONE who tries to diagnose all and sundry without so much as reading a file or seeing them in person).  Like a two year old having a tantrum, it's best to ignore him until he realizes he won't get a rise out of anyone and goes away.  We know why we're here, and what value we get out of the board.   I really wouldn't be too bothered by the criticism of someone who has been a member for four days and has a grand total of three posts under his/her belt.

Again, just ignore him and he'll go away.  He doesn't really want to help people, or he would have found a better, less divisive way of reaching out....


PS if back guru had been a member for more than half a week he would realize that the moderators and KG alike are incredibly hands off, and will generally leave even the most inflammatory of posts.  But trolling has created a lot of bad feelings in the past, and it won't be tolerated here.
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#6: IT band release / Z-Plasty, synovectomy, LOA/AIR, chondroplasty
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Aaaah just ignore him ::) or her :P
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I notice you blame a mod for deleting it, must be nice to have loyal subjects looking after your interests like that.

"Blame" me, I deleted it after receiving a lot of complaints about it from users. Clearly you upset and offended people with the way you attempt to make your points. If you were truly censored, you would have been banned. Maybe you should try a less abrasive approach in the future.

Aaaah just ignore him

As they say, don't feed the trolls. ;)