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Author Topic: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site  (Read 2919 times)

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Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« on: March 11, 2006, 11:06:15 AM »
First let me say I have been fixing peoples knee pain without surgery or drugs for 18 years  so believe me when I tell you that the information I have read on this site would apply to maybe 10% of people with knee pain. The vast majority of sufferers who experience problems simply have issues with the muscles supporting their knee (vastus lateralis, medialis, adductors or ITB and hamstrings) as an extension of mechanical imbalances in their body. That is not to say they are simple things to fix but working on the structures of the knee to attempt to fix them is a very bad idea and not only won't fix the problem properly but will often cause weakness and more difficult problems to get over down the track.
I am sorry to be the one to spoil the party going on here and by all means ignore my post if you like but after reading a site from someone who so wrongly calls themself a  knee guru I felt compelled to inform the large majority of you that the site is mainly crap if it's judged on useful content for most knee pain sufferers. This includes cases of patella tendonitis, osgood schlatters, runners knee, patelofemoral pain, pain under the kneecap, pain behind the knee, swelling around the knee for no good reason, pain in the medial aspect of the knee. These are all treatable by attending to the mechanics of the body and the specific muscles that feed the area you feel pain.  ::)

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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2006, 11:21:22 AM »
Would you mind offering us a glimpse of your credentials? Thank you.
April, 2005 - ACL rupture, medial meniscus tear within posterior horn to articular surface, abnormal signal within lateral meniscus, partial tear MCL, bone contusions tibia/fibula, Baker's cyst.
No repairs.

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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2006, 12:09:44 PM »
I found this site with research and wanted some encouragement about my problem. I have found great friends and a lot of information here. We  all need soomebody to talk to and bounce idea's off of. It just so happens that because of them i got second opinion and found the real problem and am getting it fixed!!!

Yes could we see some credentials please.  thank you
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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2006, 12:33:16 PM »
Back Guru,

I found a lot of info and support here, reading stories of fellow knee suferers,People get a lot of positive vibes knowing they are not alone.

However I don't agree with a lot of things that are suggested or stated here. I am a nurse myself and however I come here very often, I am often surprised about how some people look into things and tell their OS what he/she should do. That's not the point!
I can tell everyone here, if you come to me and tell me you don't want a treatment because you read on the internet it's bad, I turn my back. You tell something to someone who has a severe fracture, you put a cast on and they laugh at your face because they read otherwise on the internet. Why put my Latin in it? We professionals then seem to be the dumbest persons, however we don't have a lot of people complainging with the maybe old fashioned treatment we give them.

Of course surgeries fail, but why?? I can tell you why they fail in OUR hospital...
1. People do their own post-operative regime, not listening to nurses, OS, PT...
2. They only believe what the internet says...
3. "My neighbour didn't have to do that when he had surgery, why should I be doing that then??" EVERY CASE IS DIFFERENT!!!!!!
4. People go rather smoke a cigarette and faint, then go to therapy... They sit in the smoking area a whole day in a wheelchair, rather than spending the day doing exercises. When you tell them PT is waiting, you get spitted in the face. Nice job we are doing...

But this site is great for support, moral support, finding advise and see different stories. Like I said, i had been reading here a lot before my TTT surgery, good and horror stories. But I told myself ONLY to listen to MY OS and go 100% for my recovery. I kept everything I read in mind, and yup my recovery has been a lot faster, had agressive PT, but thank GOD, I was running 6 months post-surgery (in pain however) and I am now 3.5 years post-op and I call my surgery a big success!! And no my knee is not cured, I am realistic, I still have pain, my knee is still subluxing but my knee has arthrosis, and that can't get cured. If I tell myself every day how bad my own knee is, I would have a lot more pain. So I don't and enjoy life like it is with these bad knees. Life is more than this.
But I want to support other people in their knee journey.

So please, If you think this site is "crap", then just don't visit it, instead of getting it down. I kinda agree on some things you say, however you shouldn't have said them like that!!

Sorry, I may get some negative reactions too, but I am standing for my opinion now.

Bilat patellar malalignment/PFdysplasia
00/06/83 L wrist #
11/12/00 L knee LR + chondroplasty
21/08/02 L knee TTT
02/03/04 L knee stretched PCL
11/09/07 L ankle dislocation/medial avulsion #
25/05/09 L ankle medial avulsion # AGAIN!
05/06/13 R ankle dislocation

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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2006, 12:45:45 PM »
Dear Mr Back pain Guru,

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can you fix my knee?   :P :P :-*

Whilst I'm waiting for you to fix my knee, can I respecfully suggest that if you don't like the site or this message board - don't log onto it.   It's as simple as that.  There is no need for you to be rude about the Knee Guru. 

I'm guessing by your email address that this is your site 

I'm wondering if your rudeness is an attempt to 'big up' your own career?   if so .... I think you are probably going about it all wrong!    :P

« Last Edit: March 11, 2006, 12:59:21 PM by SarahJane »
Jan 05: Avulsed Patella Tendon (YUK)
Wired together Feb 05
Constant pain after Cast removed
2nd Op Nov05 to remove a 2cm piece of Bone from my Patella Tendon!!!
2 months later STOP physio due to Pain & Crepitus
Feb 06: Ultrasound shows NO Patella Tendon!
No plans for the future! :-/

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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #5 on: March 11, 2006, 01:45:38 PM »
Please Knee Guru can you close this topic ?!
Surgery 6 times left knee torn meniscus, RSDS,chondromalacia, nervdamage cause constant nervpain,chronic inflamm.
Spinaldamage wheeler 100%.
Right knee damaged aug-06, use brace surgery 4/9-07.LCL tear.

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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #6 on: March 11, 2006, 03:12:44 PM »
Backguru..if you so much as researched this entire site rather than based your opinions on the contributors to the bulletin board, (most of us being regular folks researching and looking for answers to our problems, and helping others along the way) you may find that you are terribly mistaken in referring to Dr. Strover as someone who wrongly calls themself a KNEEguru.

You're entitled to your opinion, but please base it on real research and facts.

Sheila, let's not give him any more publicity.


After a decade of association with cutting edge knee surgery and rehabilitation, the KNEEguru founder, Dr Sheila Strover, realised with growing distress that much of the pain and suffering of knee patients could have been prevented or diminished by timely and appropriate management, and that this truth was obscured from both consumer and doctor by particular ignorance in this field – the consumer confounded with jargon, the doctor hampered by inadequate undergraduate training.

She set out to make a difference - developing an independent resource for a global audience, underpinned by strong moral principles, de-jargonised for consumers and challenging the status quo.

Dr Strover’s credentials are sound - although not a surgeon (but an anaesthetist - anaesthesiologist), she is a qualified medical practitioner, co-founder and retired Director of a charitable educational trust, The Knee Foundation, whose purpose is to educate professionals in sound principles of knee management. She is also a retired director and co-founder of the specialist Droitwich Knee Clinic, a prominent dedicated knee clinic in the UK, recognised by ISAKOS (International Society of Knee and Shoulder Surgery) as an authorised surgical training organisation. She has also co-earned a prestigious SMART and SPUR innovation award for a patented knee keyhole surgery training model (the HYDROknee) and published a book on meniscus (‘knee cartilage’) surgery. The KNEEguru site has been listed amongst the 101 Best British Websites (PC Format 2000).

Bi-lateral unicompartmental Nov 2004


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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #7 on: March 11, 2006, 03:41:46 PM »
Hi all except for someone that calls themselves back guru (I'll refer to you as backside).

It must be from that nickname that you are indeed thats talking from the backside! This website is a whole lot more than the monotonous view you've passed and I would to think that you have more to yourself than slandering people that do a great service to knee pain sufferers and those recovering from knee surgery.
Anyone can call themselves an expert on any topic but that does not give you a right to badmouth anyone that is not affecting you. I agree with Nettan that maybe this post should be closed because of the negativity of one solo post, but there can be an important lesson learnt with people like him/her.
For 1. This website educates people about their possible symptoms. 2. Encouragement about rehab. 3. Interact with other people.

The last point is one that clearly backside can't do because you are SO narrow-minded. Hello to everyone else.


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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #8 on: March 11, 2006, 03:52:21 PM »
Backguru,  I had years of physio to try and fix my problem before I agreed to surgery.  I then had months of physio after surgery I had the greatest of respect for my very experienced physio so how come I still have unbearable knee pain if that, as you seem to think, is all it takes to fix knee pain?

I doubt very much that you would be able to fix my problem without drugs or surgery as your post suggests.

I personally would be lost without this site it has been an inspiration to me not only as it provides useful information but the people who post on here actually care. So unless you have anything useful to offer us knee sufferers then I suggest you keep your opinions on this site to yourself.


TTT right knee October 01  RSD diagnosed October 02, Arthroscopy left knee Oct 04

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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #9 on: March 11, 2006, 04:14:17 PM »
Oh Brother!!!!!
       This site is all about hearing what other people who have had EVERY kind of knee problem there is,and how THEY are being treated by THEIR individual ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON!! None of us are DRS..
We look for support in each other and which of us are going thru simular symptons,surgeries and treatments from OUR very own ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON. I'm certainly not going to go back and tell my
OS,I saw this on the internet (including this report) BUT I will ask my OS---do you think an autograft or allograft or osteomy might benefit me in YOUR search for my problematic knee, instead of an arthrodesis,and if not why?
        So are you saying the GREAT MD'S of the world have done all of us a GREAT INJUSTICE and ruined our knees beyond any kind of repair, and you are the only (GOD COMPLEX) who could of fixed us all???? :o  The KNEEGURU made this site for all of us to come together with a common problem and UNITE us in our pain, sorrow, ENCOURAGEMENT and suggestions. WE ALL THINK FOR OURSELVES and deal with REAL MD'S!! Are you a real MD?? And by the way this is a KNEE FORUM for the majority of us. I personally would NOT want a BACK DR??? working on my knee until my ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON says we need a BACK DR's OPINION!!! :-* ; ;D     And that's all I have to say about that!!  Except
Dec 01 Fractured patella/complete rupture of patella tendon
April 02 open reduction and internal fixation
Oct-Nov 02 right lumbar sympathetic blocks
March 03 rt knee arthroscopy lysis of adhesions
March 04 modified Thompson quadriceplasty
Lateral release and medial reefing
April 05 TKA

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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #10 on: March 11, 2006, 04:28:34 PM »
back guru, you picked the wrong place to slam a terrific site. you've obviously missed the point of this site.

too bad, because you might have something useful to say.

This site is an example of exactly what is needed for today's health care consumer.

A FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION BETWEEN PEERS. Where else can you find that with a terrific interface and staff with passion about the site?

as with any internet site, the "buyer" must be aware, unfortunately, your post doesn't help with that awareness.  

It would be helpful if you stated your credentials and web site, let us decide whether to believe you.

Here's to free speech, love it or leave it.

torn RK ACL March 2001, surgery Aug. 14 2006, after 4 knee sprains since Oct. '05.  Allograft, ~40% medial meniscus removed, some wear in the trochlear groove. Everything else looks good.

Post-op diary:

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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #11 on: March 11, 2006, 07:03:20 PM »
I am neither disagreeing, or defending, your beliefs regarding knee pain etc. I am dissapointed that you seem firm in your clinical beliefs and appear unopen to suggestion.I tore 70% of meniscus and had it removed 2yrs ago. I also had complete tear of ACL. I  have, and  still see, my chiropractor who has worked hard over the last 4 years to improve my knee instability. As My ACL had snapped,however good my muscles were, I could not rely on my knee, so therefore, with my chiropractors blessing I had reconstruction.
Not an ideal situation but this forum gives advice and support from those who have had , or awaits surgery to know how it feels to go through a knee op. 
When you are in the same situation as others the most important aspect of recovery is not just from the medical side but support from those that have the same fears and aspirations whether they embark on surgery or not.
Regardless of others support is the greatest healer and I hope you now understand what this website is all about. 

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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #12 on: March 11, 2006, 09:20:22 PM »
Back Guru-

Maybe what your are saying is the cause of my pain.  My history is the following:

02 - Pain on Posteromedial area of the knee from too much running - went to os - no diagnosis
03 - Same pain -  got MRI - no diagnosis
04 - Continued pain - Another MRI -  no diagnosis
05 - A prolotherapy doc said I had a weak ACL - tried prolo - didn't work
06 - 3rd MRI - ACL is fine - Measured ACL laxity on KT1000- no problems - still no diagnosis
Feb -06 - OS looked at 3rd MRI and said I had a medial meniscus tear
Feb- 06 - Had arthroscopy- NO MENISCUS TEAR! - I couldn't believe it - still no diagnosis
March - 06 - Back where I started, no better or worse off - continued pain

My pain can best be described as weakness/dull ache right next to the semimembranosus tendon on the posterior medial area of the knee.  It is aggravated when the heel strikes the ground when walking and the knee is fully extended.  I am to the point of just giving up and assuming I will have this for the rest of my life.  My gut tells me it could be that I once was inured and I have altered my biomechanics to protect an injury that may have heeled long ago.  This alteration could be causing continued pain.  But that’s just a theory…any ideas??

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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #13 on: March 11, 2006, 09:34:11 PM »
Hey back guru if you are as good as you claim then identify yourself and back up your claim to be so great.
It will be all to easy to treat you as no more than a troll as your comments were quiet inflammatory and very unproffessional.
18/06/05 Injured trampolining
Fixed Flexion 20-90 deg until...
01/09/05 lateral meniscectomy (40%)
09/06/06 Patella tendon aclr
09/09/06 Back on the tramp (carefully)
10 years on and still going strong
!!Stop twisting when you land or it hurts!!

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Re: Be real careful about how much you believe from this site
« Reply #14 on: March 11, 2006, 09:36:44 PM »
Where did this pain in the backside guru come from?
1978 - ruptured acl and all cartalidge removed.
several debridements over years
TKR 10TH JULY 2006  Aug 07 patellar maltracking - more physio! Still pain - but so much better !
BIOMET AGC  TKR  (with 10 yr warranty !)