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Author Topic: mri translation issues anyone speak radiologese?  (Read 4493 times)

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mri translation issues anyone speak radiologese?
« on: February 27, 2006, 02:46:25 AM »
I'm having a bit of a hard time deciphering MRI results of my Right knee, any ideas?

First of all, the radiologist compared my R knee study to a L knee study done in 1997, duh.  As I have had bilateral ACL replacement over the years, that was helpful....(I pointed this out to my os in a fax with several questions..still awaiting a reply)

But where exactly is the "A3 junction"  my meniscus has a "complex tear (medial) with horizontal and obliquely oriented components extending to the A-3 junction....mild extrusion of the body segment reflects degenerative osteoarthrosis medial compartment femorotibial joint with partial thickness (does not rate it I-IV) chondral wear, marginal osteophytes and bony remodeling....more severe cartlige loss seen focally (if it's focal it's more likely repairable, right?) over the anterior margin of the lat. fem. condyle extending (uh,oh) to the lat. margin of the trochlea...high grade cartilage loss is seen over the patellar apex, extending close to the bone (oy) and affecting the medial facet (medial facet of what, where?)  Geographic signal hyperintensity is seen in the lateral patellar facet inferiorly adjacent to the subchondral sclerosis... the hyperintensity is consolidated towards the tidemark (what's the tidemark?) suggesting that there is markedly abnormal cartilage in the radial (twilight?) zone.  Of note is the presence of fairly focal but intense synovitis (swelling of the lining?) of the suprapatellar pouch, most likely due to cartilage delamination.  This extends into the gutters (sides?) of the suprapatellar pouch.  I also have Thickened suprapatellar medial parapatellar plicae.  Apparently there is also chronic plastic deformation ACL recon (maybe because that was done in '84) but no evidence of recent tibial translation...SO? I need a little help here with some vocabulary - the landmarks the radiologist gives leave me in the dark as to how big an area of cartilage loss there is and how close to the bone.  The OS wants a debridement, and my fear is he will just remove and not try to repair.  As I'm missing much medial meniscus in my Left knee already, I'd like to preserve the right if possible....Any input would be helpful, thanks!
R ACL patellar tendon recon '84; L ACL patellar tendon recon '89; L meniscal debridement '91; new R posterior horm complex meniscal tear; bilateral osteoarthritis; awaiting possible meniscal fun