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Author Topic: Knee bends inwards not forwards  (Read 12356 times)

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Knee bends inwards not forwards
« on: February 15, 2006, 02:17:31 AM »
After some thought I can best summarise the problem as "my left leg is weird".  If I stand on that leg and bend the knee, it moves inwards as well as forwards: whereas if I do the same movement on my right leg then my kneecap is centered over the toes of my foot, on the left leg it's slightly to the right of the big toe.  Further observations:

- by rotating at the ankle I can establish that the joints on both sides have (near enough) the same range of motion: I can bend the left nee such that the kneecap is over the toes, but it's not where it naturally falls.

- I am attempting to keep my hips straight while doing this.  If my pelvis is rotating then I'm not aware of it.

- wedging something under the right (medial?) side of my left foot so that it's tilted leftwards seems to help.  This led me to wonder if my arch had collapsed or something, but I don't have asymmetric wear on my shoe soles, and the footprints when I get out of the shower look pretty similar on each side.

- I find it much harder work to stand on my left foot than on my right: when I do, I feel like I'm balancing on the lateral edge, and always fall rightwards when I do lose it.

- I don't know whether this is a new thing or it's been like this forever and I've only noticed recently.  I did have an accident 18 months or so ago which gave me a large lower leg haematoma on the left side of my left leg and resulted in my walking with a limp for a couple of weeks and unable to skate for a couple of months: I mention that for completeness, but it may be completely irrelevant

- from time to time (usually after having been trying to stand on my left leg for a while) I get a pain somewhere in th hip/groin area that feels as if I've pulled something.

- (may not be related at all) sometimes I get pain in my knees from walking down stairs.  This seems to be at the point of maximum knee bend, happens equally in both legs (which is why I suspect it's unrelated) and seems to happen more often when my muscles are cold - i.e. pretty much never after exercise.  No problem with flats or ascents.

I can't tell if this is a knee problem or a foot problem, but it seems typical with the leg that each part of it affects each of the others, so may as well start here.  I'm generally in pretty good health, exercise regularly, not overweight, male, 30.  Not in actual pain, but I'm trying to set up the frames on my inline skates correctly, and this is bugging the heck out of me.

I guess my questions are
- any ideas what this might be?
- where can I go (I'm in London, UK) to get it checked by someone who can tell me definitively, and ideally (this may be unrealistic) in the next three weeks?  I suspect given no actual pain that I'll get pretty short shrift from the NHS (given that I haven't even registered with a GP for the last couple of years) - is it something a physiotherapist would be able to look at?  Any recommendations?

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Re: Knee bends inwards not forwards
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2006, 08:56:56 PM »
i had/have similar issues after knee surgery and long rehab after period of immobilization.
p/t and dr say it is related to weak hips and quads and i need strengthen and to work on reducing the tendency to let the knee go inward.

this is called femoral anteversion, or rotation.

working on hip strength and quad strengthening and and being conscious of the rotation and trying to correct it has helped.  e.g., when doing quad press don't let the knee go in. if you can.
same with step downs, etc....

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Re: Knee bends inwards not forwards
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2006, 08:58:38 PM »

The feeling that your "left leg is weird" is one that is well understood here!
From what you've said, your kneecap could be subluxing medially. This is only my opinion as I'm not a doctor. You mentions that it's harder to stand on your left foot than your right. Bear in mind that if your kneecap isn't aligned properly then extra strain is being put onto tendons, ligaments and muscles.
Everyone with a knee problem has trouble with stairs. A lot of force goes through the knees at the best of times when we use them, but that force is increased dramatically when going up and down stairs.
If you're not registered with a GP then it would be difficult to get to see an OS without a referral, if not impossible. If you suffer intense pain at any point it may be worth going to A&E, where you'd obviously be assessed and referred straight away if necessary.
Physiotherapy could help. So could a stabilising knee support. In the long run though, you really need to see a doctor and get a professional opinion. A physiotherapist may be able to give you some basic insight into what may be wrong with your knee, but bear in mind that they're not doctors either.
I think the best thing you can do at this point, particularly if you want ot be seen within 3 weeks, is to register with a GP and request a referral to an OS. Once you've done that, you could if you wanted to, approach the OS for a private consultation. Otherwise you could be waiting 3 months or so for that initial appointment.
I'm sorry I can't recommend anyone in London as I'm in Birmingham.

Good luck - I hope you get a diagnosis soon.

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Re: Knee bends inwards not forwards
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2006, 02:42:09 AM »
Thanks for the replies.  I thought I'd come back and post again and let you know how I got on: for the last few weeks I've been spending most of my standing time (e.g. while waiting for buses, trains, kettles etc) variously standing on that leg, bending it (I'd probably get shot by any balletomane reading for saying "one-legged demi-plie", but you get the idea) and raising/lowering my hips (even if this doesn't help directly, hip abductors are good things to have anyway, I figure) and I noticed yesterday that even when I'm not thinking about it, it now tends to bend forwards instead of inwards.   I'm happy.

So in short, what pxs said is a pretty good summary for me too: working on hip strength and quad strengthening and and being conscious of the rotation and trying to correct it has helped