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Author Topic: frustrated & confused!!  (Read 1007 times)

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frustrated & confused!!
« on: May 17, 2006, 02:22:41 PM »
i was just trying to find some help, or at least some encouragement out here.  i've had one of the most complicated and weird surgeries around apparently.  i has just been made aware that this operation, performed four years ago where they pinned my superior tibular fibular joint and resected my fibula was a complete mess.  after this i had subsequent surgeries, first a reconstruction of my pcl and then removal of the staple and removal of the bursa.  (the last two operations were done at one of the leading surgeons in europe).  all of a sudden now, i am having lots and lots of problems with the peroneal nerve ... with every step i feel a shock from the lateral side of my knee to my ankle.  worse than this, i have a very strange feeling which is quite difficult to explain ... i feel as if my knee is tied to something, it's as if i'm carrying a huge stone at the back of my knee.  we have had an xray to check the fibula and found out that the fibula is now one whole part, which wasn't the intention of the first surgeon ... he had said that it will never grow again and more important than this, it should not grow ???.  my doctor has sent them to the last surgeon that operated me, who said that since the tib-fib joint is pinned, these problems are normal.  i am nothing but frustrated!! i'm feeling that both my local doctor and the surgeon are giving up and are growing short of ideas.  however, i'm in so much pain and in so much discomfort.  i went through all this with the idea that i would go back to sports, but now it's a matter of trying to lead a normal life!  i have been limping around for a number of years now!  any idea out there or any suggestions regarding a very good surgeon that i can go to (in europe).  thanks to all and good luck to all the knee problematics out there like me!