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Author Topic: Lisa's pre op diary  (Read 1828 times)

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Lisa's pre op diary
« on: April 22, 2008, 05:36:42 PM »
Hi everyone

I have after much deliberation decided to do my own pre-op diary and to do it here because hopefully this is the type of surgery that will be next on my list. 

I have 10 weeks to go.  Yes that it still a long way off but it doesn't mean that it isn't on my mind and doesn't mean that i don't think about it not constantly but it is there and the fears are just as real now as they will be nearer the time.

The surgeon wants to do OATS or MOSAICPLASTY whichever is the most appropriate when he gets in the joint.  He has seen the pictures from the last surgery and he has recent x-rays which clearly show that microfractures in OCT 2006 did not do what they were intended to.  My main fear at the moment is that HE doesn't do what he intends, not that he does.

How do i feel about it?  Well to start with the prospect of open surgery scared me rigid but i have now got my head around that so i am okay with it.  The waiting is a nightmare but it is a nightmare of my own doing.  I have played the 'did i make the right decision game' in mu head at least 100 times.  I know i have but as the symptoms get more prominant it makes you wonder.  I do charity work in Zambia, something that i spend all year fundraising for, and the reason why i asked for it to be done when i get back and not before.  My physio says that my knee is rubbish, a fact that the surgeon agrees with, but that because of my high pain thresh-hold that i am not always symptomatic.  I should not be able to do everything that i do.  It's not always a good thing because i tend to go too far without realising then it hurts.  Hurt to be is when i think it's a '4', but when it gets to that it's probably nearer an '8'.  Ooops.

A friend thinks i don't work hard enough in the gym to lose the weight, she forgets that i have a bad knee and that i am probably doing too much as it is, or she thinks that because i do what i do that my knee isn't as bad as i say it is.  If the OS saw what i do do then he would probably have a fit.  It shouldn't matter to me what anyone thinks but it does.

I am starting this diary for two reasons.

1   So that i can log back on each week or so and add any new fears to it, so that as time goes by i can be able to share my feelings.
2   To communicate with new friends and get to know people who i know will be a tremendous support to me in the future. 

Sorry it's a long start but it has already made me feel better, just to start writing it down.

Lisa x
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oats june 2008 - very successful
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