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Author Topic: Crazy story could use some advice  (Read 771 times)

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Crazy story could use some advice
« on: February 02, 2006, 01:17:59 AM »
After  fracturing  my left foot in 2003, I was put on a walking cast and did quite alot of walking around on it, the whole time wearing the cast I felt an unbearable tearing/pulling sensation in the bottom of my foot. I was told to stay on it for 90 days by the podiatrist that treated me. . At the last appointment with him he said the fracture was "99 percent healed" but he still wanted to see me one more time. I couldn't deal with the pain, as it felt alot better without the cast and ended up removing the cast on my own after about 2 1/2 months.

Starting with that incident the balance in my legs was thrown off from favoring the left foot while on the cast , the entire year of 2004 and most of 2005 I felt unbelievable pain and soreness in both feet and weakness from the inactivity.

Went to a pain rehab in May 2004 turns out it I tore the plantar fascia ligaments and developed plantar fasciitis

Now's where the knee part comes in:
After listening to orders from my doctor  /physical therapist in August 2004/I was advised not to do lifting/too much on my feet which has been pretty much impossible as far as I can remember anyways.
After various times of  getting frustrated at my situation I decided to shoot a little basketball for some activity and put up with all the soreness.

I went a little overboard and afterwards noticed my knee caps were suprisingly loose especially the left. I saw my doctor the next day who diagnosed patellar immobility and referred me to an orthopedist, but fearing surgery I never followed up . I ended up putting on  a pair of Ace knee braces and relied on them for 6 months when walking long distances and doing activity which I stupidly thought seemed were helping me with mobility.

I ended up returning to the clinic in late 2004 and while I was starting therapy  the staff pointed out to me, which I then realized I did something very ridiculous that I have been regretting every waking moment of my life. The muscles in the back of my knees atrophied horribly from the braces ! , not to mention my calves have deteriorated also. I have been walking (awkwardly) without the braces since February '05 .My Legs are now deformed. I  have basically had no support there anymore behind my knees, They look like 2 pockets I can even put my fingers deep in them. .
After over 20 sessions, and on top of it all an EMG test at the clinic  revealed I have  peripheral neuropathy as well,  I was discharged in May and have most of the time continued performing the stretches/exercises/icing at home but it seems like i have't really gotten that far.

 I have alot of trouble walking long distances  or standing  without feeling intense  pressure on my knees. Feels like they shoot outward when walking Countless times (especially when pivoting, bending or lifting, I felt like they would lock , I would start limping bad, then I would feel like the bones were going to crack and I was going to collapse. 

I'll admit a few times I felt like giving up but I have been trying to think positive lately, have been doing whatever exercise/walking I can handle and I'd like to be able to get as close to normal as I possibly can and I would like to avoid surgery but  if It comes down to it (if there would be any availiable for me?) I think I would go for it.

I'd appreciate any suggestions and yes I am a mess.
By the way the plantar fasciitis has pretty much cleared up for a good 10 months at least.

Thank you ,

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Re: Crazy story could use some advice
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2006, 03:15:03 AM »
Hi Steve,

You're not a mess. You've managed to stay positive even when you've wanted to give up. That's something to be proud of. We all have our off days and feel like giving in every now and then, myself included. But you have the right attitude because you are still trying.

You say you've continued with rehab since being discharged in May. Even though it seems you haven't progressed, if you haven't gotten any worse then the exercises may be doing some good. It may be worth considering seeing another PT and have a different physio regime drawn up specific to your requirements.

Also, see if you can get another appointment with an OS. It should be one who specialises in knee problems. If there is a surgical option to help, he'll discuss it with you. If not, then he may suggest something else. Alternatively, you could get 2 or 3 opinions in relation to surgery. The decision to have surgery is not to be taken lightly and I think you're sensible to try to avoid it. There is no harm in speaking to an expert though. After all, it's your knee and they need your consent to operate.

Do you still go walking? Are there other activities you do? If a supporting knee brace or something similar helps with walking then there's noharm in wearing it. It would be worth taking it off though when you're in the house or not putting excessive amounts of strain on your knee. It may also help with the feeling of instability that you get when your knee feels like it's going to pop outwards.

Are you taking any pain meds? Is the pain worse at night? Is there anything else that aggravates it?

The upshot of it is this - in my opinion, you need to see a doctor who specialises in knees. Once you have an expert opinion, you can take things further if you wish.

Hope you get it sorted sooner rather than later. Keep us posted.


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