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Author Topic: ACL recontruction tomorrow not sure if good idea. Please help  (Read 1104 times)

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ACL recontruction tomorrow not sure if good idea. Please help
« on: January 29, 2006, 10:09:45 PM »

Currenlty having that classic dilemma whether to have ACL recontruction? On one side of the coin i don't want to have an early knee replacement and on the other side of the coin i don't want to have a knee that aches and hurts and feels numb and loss of ROM, when my knee feels perfectly fine now.

The OS  said I had a Complete ACL rupture but my other structures are good and i only have grade 1 laxity (tibia movies upto 5mm) in all three tests. the surgoen said that he would have to question whether surgery would make my knee any better. (but i know that if it stops me guarding it in football and stops it buckling then it will prevent further damage).

However i am 26, injured my knee 2 years ago playing football (uk). Have been in the gym since building my Hams and Quads up. and to be honest i can not tell the difference between my two knees. That is until i try and play football. Get that sensation something isn't quite right and the knee feels weak and has given out once before. I can play but i end up guarding it like mad.

Anyway like many i have had to push the OS for recontruction (NHS) and i am due to have it this Tuesday. however i am having the classic pre-operative fears. (am i doing the right thing etc). the OS had a good reputation but uses the PBTB graft as preffered technique. I want to go with his preferred technique (sensible) but i am scared i will end up with knee problems and pains at the harvest site. What are people experiences of this? To be honest I am not thrilled about the prospect of a 6 inch scar down the front of my knee (yes the OS does it the old skool open knee style). Do the scar reducing plasters like cica care work well on these scars?

Also recenlty heard of a technique called  Steadman healing response technique (bascially the acl is encouraged to heal back to the bone by causing a blood clot at the site of the rupture) devloped in America that sounds a lot more favourable (as you don't have to subsitutie the ligament) to full blown reconstrcution. Does anyone know if they do this in the uk and where abouts and how much?

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Isolated ACL rupture 2004.
May consider surgery in the future.
No problems of instability